The Best Things In Travel Are Free


waking up and seeing the sun rise

the free food shelf at hostels

thousands of travel blogs out there with free tips and tricks to make the best of your stay

stumbling into a place realising how wonderful planet earth actually is

enjoying a shower after a long trip

when the sun unexpectedly decides to show itself

getting a free upgrade for a 10 hour flight

free walking tours by locals. Do tip at the end

skinny dipping

free entry for a tourist attraction, especially when you’ve exceeded your daily budget

when you spend less than your daily budget

being at peace

a night alone in a 12 bed hostel room

a beautiful sunset

sharing stories with other travellers and actually listening to each other

waking up and not having to do anything

a random smile from a random stranger

that feeling when you get off the plane

a snore free hostel room

getting completely lost but finding someone who takes you all the way back to your door

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  1. Love this post!!! I have to agree with number one “seeing the sunrise,” that is always a special, important experience for me wherever I travel… it grounds you and helps you realize however different or foreign the place we find ourselves in the familiarity of dawn and the beginning of a new day affects us all.

    I also love hearing other travelers’ stories…those forever will be some of my best memories abroad.

  2. This reminds me so much when we went backpacking on Southeast Asia! How I miss traveling!

  3. Gaining a beautiful sunrise oh yes, I normally photograph these. An upgrade on a flight never managed it but well done, on a ten hour flight even better. I flew on my birthday and still it didn’t happen. Enjoyed reading this post Lucy x