four unusual museums around the world

 So, you find museums boring? Well … have you tried these unusual museums?

Momofuku_Ando_Instant_Ramen_Museum002 11369641116_953cc3210e_k
Instant Ramen Museum – Osaka, Japan // A museum devoted to ramen … only in Japan. Once you are through the ramen history part make sure to make your own ramen cup with ingredients of your own choice.  Not planning on heading to Japan any time soon? Check it on on Google Maps.

exhibits_7 exhibits_4 Museum of Broken Relationships –  Zagreb, Croatia // The Museum of Broken Relationships hosts an intriguing collection of items related to shattered romances and the stories behind them.And yes, you can send in your own ‘exhibit‘ . What I really like about this museum is that it shows how we all share the same pain, regardless of our nationality or background.

© Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin
© Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin
Deutsches Currywurst Museum – Berlin, Germany // The curry sausage is one of Berlin’s culinary treats, as a matter of fact … they love it so much that they dedicated a museum to the the famed food and the legends and stories around it. Oh … and the €11 entry submission includes a sausage.
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Museum Of Witchcraft –  Boscastle, UK // Museum of Witchcraft  a dedicated to witchcraft and Wicca. It apparently has the largest collection of witchcraft and Wiccan related relics in the world, so definitely take a visit if you are in the Cornwall area … do it for your 14 year old self. 
What is the most unusual museum you’ve been to?

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  1. Your comment about the Wiccan museum – “do it for your 14 year old self” is so funny because it’s true. Why did wicca seem so fascinating back then??

    I think if I got to full my own Ramen cup with ingredients of my own choice, it’d be the biggest Ramen cup ever! I would probably put every topping in there, kind of like what I do with self serve frozen yogurt nowadays.

  2. I’ve actually been to that Ramen museum in Osaka. It was really cool and the food we got to make at the end was amazing – definitely a museum I’d recommend! 🙂

  3. Museum of Broken Relationship! I want to go there. It sounds really interesting!

  4. Ah nee, hoe heb ik het curryworst museum kunnen missen in Berlijn?? Nu moet ik wel een keer terug…

  5. I would love that wiccan museum – absolutely do it for your fourteen year old self! I lived in Cornwall for years and never heard of this place!

  6. I’ve actually been to the Museum of Witchcraft and it was disappointing to be honest. Would love to give the other three a try though – the Museum of Broken Relationships sounds very interesting!

  7. Interesting! Previously I’d only ever heard of the Museum of Broken Relationships. I’d love to check out all of these!