The Anti-Gift Guide: what not to get travellers this holiday season

traveller gift

It’s that time of the year when gift guides pop up everywhere. As a self-styled ‘traveller’ (whatever that means) I’ve seen my fair share of gifts aimed at us wanderlusters and they really didn’t get my globe spinning. So here’s my handy list of things to avoid if you want to please your favourite globetrotter.

I don’t need ANOTHER notebook, that is unless of course it comes with a certain Gosling included.

Oh more mini-toiletries? If it’s not my usual brand they’re getting flushed down the toilet where their name suggests they belong.

I am very very very picky when it comes to guides so they’re not likely to hit the spot. (Unless of course it’s my book TBC 2020)

There was a time you could give a scratch map to us, but that time has passed just like sneaker wedges (you know)

Candles. That famous uninspired gift. Avoid at all costs as it’s the present equivalent of a slap in the face. But if there’s a freshly baked cevapcici smelling candle, I’m in.

X marks the spot. But not for me with maps – or anything with maps on them. They’re a very personal thing so it’s very hit and miss, so one to skip.

While I love a good travel quote as much as the next blogger I think I’ve filled my lifetime quota.

One more sarong, one more sarong and I might have to use it to hang myself up by the neck. Just kidding, but no more please.

Who doesn’t love plugs? They go in holes and stuff. But seriously, I’m always in need of travel adapter, so these will find a coveted place on my wish list.

What’s on your wish list this year?

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  1. hahaha this is hilarious but so accurate! Don’t give me stuff, give me experiences.! Because I can’t carry all the stuff home 🙂

  2. I bet it's so annoying getting all the same kind of stuff every year! Maybe you should set up a proper wishlist to give a gentle shove in the right direction haha!