Tuesday, Three … More Free Things To Do In London

Ok, maybe the best things in life aren’t free, but there sure are some pretty awesome things you
can do in London that just happen to cost you nothing.
See a free movie or opera
Did you know that House of Vans London is home to a cinema space? And it’s free! March was Women on Film month, April was low budget flicks and the month of May brings you the best of CyberPunk Anime. For the high-brow, The Royal Opera House is hosting free outdoor screenings during summer, with Swan Lake on 12 June, La bohéme on 26 June, and Don Giovanni on 12 July. All you have to do is arrive on time at Trafalgar Square (or one of the other less famous venues) and be ready to get cultured.
Walk the South East
Grab your walking shoes and take South East London by storm on one of the 11 sections of the Green Chain Walk. The idea is that you walk through green parks, commons and woods. Depending on which one you choose you’ll come across a hidden castle, a dinosaur park or one of the Magnificent 7 London cemeteries, one of the best free things I’ve ever come across.
Check out the Hampstead Hill Gardens

If flowers and trees are your thing, the Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola is the place to be. Story goes that a rich philanthropist wanted to build a pergola for his garden parties, but sadly he passed away before it was finished, so in his spirit lets all go hashtag him while you spam our Instagram #Leverhulme . And while you’re there why not watch the sunset at Hampstead Heath? If you manage to cough up some change with all the money I’ve saved you, get cheese and a bottle of finest M&S red and enjoy.

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