A List of Things to do Before I Travel To Japan

Gate Hotel

Less than three weeks to go till I am off to Japan to achieve all the things on my wanderlist. But before I go I have a crazy to do list, here it is:

Make sure my handover at work is done so I don’t have to worry about that. If this involves me throwing my folders and even computer out the window, I’ll do it!

Check the weather forecast , which might be a help for packing (and blossom viewing!).

Lock down the final things like train tickets and accommodation. We are staying at the Gate Hotel for our first night but the Airbnb’s for Tokyo and Osaka haven’t been sorted out yet – so much to choose from and applying takes so. much. time.

Download some useful apps so I don’t have stress about that and then I might transfer images on my phone so I have enough space to snap away, though this relies on my phone not breaking randomly from me looking at it the wrong way!

Order myself some day contact lenses, my sight is not that bad, but I don’t want to walk around squinting or missing out on anything.

I don’t want to think of packing yet, but I really need to figure out what to wear and the kind of day bag I am going for. Definitely my least favourite part. One day they’ll invent miniaturisation of luggage right?

Let my airline know that I want halal meals (but don’t leave the alcohol out, please), oh and if it’s not a bother, a free upgrade to first class…

Should I exchange all of the money or use my credit card? Or just exchange a part? I also should I look into how the conversion rate might change? And let my bank know that I will be travelling outside Europe.

Must get a power plug converter – sadly despite my experiments, shoving the plug into the outlet with lots of force doesn’t make either object very happy, or the owners of the accommodation…

I realised I don’t have any good shoes that are walking around for 12 hours a day proof. Any recommendation for comfy shoes/trainers?

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  1. Good luck getting everything together and have a blast during your travels! I recommend Steve Madden booties, but they’re not for everyone so I’d go with toms.. they never fail me!

  2. Just think of the exciting adventure ahead that will make you supper efficent and speedy Lucy x

  3. Whoop, good luck with taking care of everything before you leave. Oh and the Nike Internationalist, perfect fit and very comfy and stylish 🙂

  4. Oh exciting! I loved Tokyo when we visited last summer! For comfy shoes, I don’t think you can beat Nike Air Max – and you can get some really cool colour combos (or just a sleek grey like I did…).