seven places to walk to this weekend

Happy (almost) weekend! Aside from the usual house chores, a good book I’m dying to finish and a few things from this list, there is one other thing that I will be doing: going out for my daily breath of fresh air. My choices for this week are

the coffee place that sells my favourite bread
I’ll go there for the bread and a latte on Sunday, but I’ll probably walk out of the shop with a newly-spotted cheese, a cheeky cider or a bag of hot chocolate powder to die for.

the park that has all the cute dogs, but also too many joggers
All I want is to walk one straight path, look at the running dogs and then enjoy the London views from the top of a hill, but I end up having to spend my time watching out for joggers who never move.

the other side of my local high street
To see the rest of the art exhibition walking route that I’ve been meaning to finish, I’ve been trying to make it last, but at this point I’m only kidding myself.

the roundwalk with the ice-cream place
I’ve been meaning to go for my favourite choc chip cookies smashed into milk gelato for a few weekends now and though it’s back to below 10 degrees I might wander that way.

the other coffee place that takes forever to get to
Take all the extra side streets to make it last longer, grab a coffee and pastry and maybe make it guilt-free by combining it with an extra walk around the nearby park.

the coffee place that I don’t go to too often, but should support more
A walk to this particular place is the best thing on a Sunday morning, when the streets are still quiet, but maybe this time I’ll opt for later in the day so I can treat myself to most delicious three cheese toastie after doing my house chores.

a new park I found on Google Maps
If I feel like some change and going off my beaten path there is a new-to-me park that looks easy enough to get to. So instead of treating myself to ‘new food’, why not try ‘new views’.

What are your weekend plans?

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