Japan Wanderlist: Things I Want To Do In Japan

japan wishlist

Two more months till Japan, but the plans/route/everything is still in flux and my wishlist is growing by the day. Today’s I am sharing the latest:

A visit to Studio Ghibli. If it was up to me this trip would be built around visiting Studio Ghibli related places

Of course the famous Tokyo landmarks are on my list … Because you know, I am such a savvy traveller

A photo session at one of those purikura booths is a must, right?

Wander around the Bamboo Forest

Explore the remarkably well stocked vending machines.

Eat all the curries (and yes … although sushi just doesn’t do it for me, I will of course give it a try)

Feed bunnies or have tea with owls. Which I probably won’t do because I don’t like the use of animals for tourism, but that doesn’t stop the intrigue

Have Pancake Days in Harajuku

So…there is such a thing as a Pokemon Centre and it must be visited!

See if I can handle Shibuya Crossing during rush hour

Go to a drugstore and check their make-up and beauty products, plus stock up on all the sheet masks

Catch the last bit of cherry blossom season

Cry at Hachiko’s Statue

Spend a day or two at a monastery

I heard they won’t let you leave the country without having tried karaoke, so I’ll just have to show them what Tea is made of on the mic

Stroll around the geisha district in Kyoto

Sleep in a capsule hotel … I don’t think I will actually do it because the idea I have to close it like a sealed coffin gives me the creeps (I’m not a vampire!)

Ride on the Shinkansen

Get confused with all the extra functions of a toilet

Stay at a ryokan guesthouse, because it’s traditional and would give me an sneak peek into Japanese life

Wander around a Japanese supermarket and see how many noodles and green tea products I can find

And last but not least another big cliché – sleep at the Park Hyatt…but a whiskey in their bar is fine too.

Have you been to Japan or is it on your wishlist?

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  1. The Studio Ghibli Museum is top of my list of places I want to go in Japan. I went on a business trip with work back in November but didn’t have long enough there to go, I did, however, visit the Studio Ghibli shop in Asakusa and nearly died with excitement (I could have spent a small fortune there). I hope you have an amazing trip!

  2. I have to say I’m incredibly envious of your trip to Japan. I majored in Japanese and love their culture, but have yet been able to visit. Please take a million photos at Studio Ghibli, and the sakura!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. Japan is so amazing, looks like you have a perfect tick list there, make sure you visit an onsen, maybe the Ryokan will have one. I got a little addicted to them on my visit!

  4. have fun in Japan! haven’t visited but it’s really high on my wishlist!
    I haven’t really researched what I want to do once I go there, but I’d like to see Kyoto, a traditional tea room, a cat cafe and Hello Kitty!

  5. I would love to go to Japan! I’ll be following along with your trip to see how you get on as I’m hoping to go next year.
    How long are you going for?

  6. One Tip for the studio Gibli museum is you have to book it before the day they don’t sell any tickets on the day and once you are in japan you have to buy them through a travel agents and i think this can get quite confusing, when we went we purchased them online before it was the highlight of my trip ! We also stayed in a traditional hotel and i don’t think iv ever slept so well in my entire life ! Have an amazing time !! it is my most favorite place iv ever been !

  7. I can’t wait until you go to see you’re photos! I hope you get plenty of shots of the cherry blossom trees so I can live vicariously through your blog. I’ve always wanted to see them in bloom!

    Sed Bona Blog

  8. I’m going next year and I didn’t know about half of the things you mentioned!! I hope you get to do loads of them so you can tell us about them 😀

  9. Heyyyy! We got similiar wishes to do at Japan too! 🙂 I always wanted to take the tour around the Studio Ghibli, visit Okunoshima, have pancake days, checking out purikura booths, and find most green tea products as I can find :3 maybe not on your list but I want to eat as much sushi as I can haha


  10. This list is amazing~!
    One of my 2016 goals is to visit once again Japan, I’d love to visit studio Ghibli museum ♥!
    And by the way, once I read that capsule hotels are only for men…. I don’t know if this fact is true or not 😛
    Greetings! 😀

  11. My friend, Ania recently went to Japan and her photos were amazing! I’ve never really considered it as a place to visit before but it’s definitely on the travel list now! Great post and ideas!


  12. AHHH!!! I’m going to Kyoto and Osaka in early May! I’m so excited!!! Love this list. I’m starting to put together my “wanderlist” as well!