6 Places to Eat and Drink in Reykjavik

Despite the cold, Reykjavik is more than hot in the culinary department, with everything from artisan pizza joints to addictive lobster soup and cheesecakes so good you’d swap your grandma for one more bite.

So, whether you’ve been blasted by a geyser, are drying off after the Blue Lagoon or still in a daze from seeing the Northern Lights, you’ll find plenty to satisfy your belly while in Iceland’s capital.

For Something Quick
If you’re in the mood for a quick bite, look no further than Reykjavik Chips: delicious, crispy, and oooh so addictive – these potato-based gifts from food heaven definitely made a rather soggy, tiring day of trekking awesome again.

For A Cup of Damn Good Soup
A visit to Saegrefinn is ideal if you are looking for an energy boost in a cup, which for once isn’t coffee but a moreish Lobster soup.  All that with the company of a creepy waxwork figure (none of that Madame Tussauds crap)  plus a lot of fish skewers (including whale) are on offer at this harbour side restaurant.

For Your Artisan Pizza
The first thing you should know about this ‘hidden’ pizza place – so Reykjavik– is that it doesn’t have a name. But that hasn’t stopped the place being fully booked on even a Sunday night. The low light means you can barely make out your companions, so good for a major-date-zit-event, or if you want to slip out without your boring fellow eater noticing. And the pizza was pretty good too.

For Breakfast and Lunch
Whether you’re after breakfast, lunch or dinner, Bergsson Mathus ticks all the boxes. It’s a great option for someone craving a healthy veggie-packed meal at a reasonable price, I mean, it’s a little on the expensive side but the dishes are pretty large. And extra kudos for the fact that they make hot chocolate with actual chocolate and not just some instant nastiness.

For Coffee and Something Sweet
Craving some tea and sweets/cakes. Well, C is For Cookie is where you should be. I judge these places by the quality of carrot cake and the one I was served was incredible good, it comes in a little cup so you don’t feel too guilty and you can hide how much you’ve eaten so you don’t look like a starving person. Also a great spot for if you just want a basic, warm breakfast or brunch.

For Something Traditional
An Icelandic friend recommended I sink my teeth into a Klenat. And she was more than right, this Scandinavian take on the donut was well worth the giant queue in the bakery. I wish I’d bought a box full now!

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  1. How funny, we were just watching a foodie program last night on the secret eats in Iceland and they showed both the place with the lobster soup and the secret pizzaria! You’re totally in the know obviously! It’s certainly somewhere I’d like to visit in 2017, for the food alone!