Instant February – March

I must confess. I skipped my update last month. I know, I am hanging my head in shame. My excuse is I may have had a bit of bloggers’ block or possibly hating everything I type, but looking back I might have been overreacting so I thought I’d share February and March together in some sort of catch-up photo sandwich (the sandwich filling will be my witty commentary).

instax (4)

Snapped this one on my way a comic expo, which turned out to be pretty boring and I had actually forgotten about it until I tried to figure out where I took the photo. At least that guessing game was kinda interesting.

instax fuji polaroid

In the Instant January
I showed some London landmarks and this month I managed to get another (what I like to call) London Bingo shot. My next goal is to combine something with a red pillar box.

instax (2)

Back in February I escaped to Groningen and on the way I took this one, it might be my new all-time favourite.

instaxThe famous Olle Grieze Tower which is a giant blip on the rather low-rise skyline of the town. I blogged about Grunn here and mentioned it in my beyond Amsterdam post.

instax (3)
Dullsville, the village where I grew up in Holland is the type of place where the best place is the bus stop – as it gets you outta there (well, there’s only one an hour). The place has zero clothes shops, one church and two windmills. In the words of Chandler Bing: ‘ Can it get MORE stereotypical?’ Why a Friends reference? Well, it may sum how how much the place is stuck in the past.

polaroid project impossible (1)Back in London I stopped by for a pancake brunch at Three Eight Four in Brixton. They do brunch on weekends. That won me over. But also, these pancakes dotted with blueberries and swimming in Maple syrup, plus bottomless coffee/tea only comes in at £5 (or £7 if you insist on bacon) which is ridiculously cheap for a London place. They also have a small plates menu that I need to investigate.

polaroid (1)You know when once in a while you got that one shot you plaster all over your social media? Yeah, this is that shot for me. It was taken on my birthday between a food coma and presents.

polaroid (2)Photos don’t always turn out great sadly. With a Polaroid I only got 8 chances at a time and I have to carefully choose what moment is worth capturing. It’s a great back to basics learning experience and by summer I hope to get 8/8 amazing shots. I’m going to Copenhagen in two weeks, hoping for some good weather so I can practice a bit and not bore you with the London snaps.

What have you been up to post-January?

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  1. Some brilliant photos here, I really need to start using my instax more I think!