Hoi from Groningen

2016-02-12 05.21.04 1-1280x960It may be pronounced a bit like ‘Groan’ but it’s the place I’m least likely to groan in the Netherlands and everyone should circle it on their respective travel maps.

I say Groningen – or Grunn, but it’s actually a small town outside called Dullsville which I called my hometown for a few years.

2016-02-12 05.18.19 1-1280x960This bad boy flew me, Indiana Jones style, to Groningen Airport. Groningen is a city is the far North of the Netherlands, where I went to college in my teens. Since it’s kind of my city and I always try to encourage people to go to the far North and see why I love the place so much. Groningen is a bit like Amsterdam, quite hip, easy to walk around and young, but without the zombie hoards of tourists.

2016-02-12 05.21.05 1-1280x960I had a quick meetup with Olga from Team Confetti – where once a month I write a guest post – and she is the sweetest person I’ve come across in a long time. She by the way sells the best to do lists (and other printables) here.

And the The French toast was just €3.75 (that’s £3!). All of it!

2016-02-12 05.21.04 1-1280x960The most most famous building in the city is Martini church on Grote Market (the main city square). It’s not too tiring a stair way walk to reach a nice spot for standing over the city like a power hungry dictator, though sadly no one listened to my demands from on high.

2016-02-12 05.21.02 1-1280x960And then you get some delicious fresh made stroopwafel in your pie-hole – proclaimed as one of the best Dutch sweets by yours truly from the market.

2016-02-12 05.21.06 1-1280x960Though it’s kinda obscured by an ugly concrete ramp from the front, Groningen Central station still looks like something from a fairy tale and check the wheel with wings on top.

2016-02-12 05.21.05 2-1280x960The Groninger Museum is across from the station and is a highlight even if you don’t go inside, it’s main tower is the exact colour of everything I want in my kitchen (kettle, pots, plates). If you are a Bowie fan you might want to combine a city trip with a visit to the David Bowie is …  exhibition that currently in residency.

2016-02-12 05.21.51 1-1280x720As soon as I get to Dullsville I jump on a bike – about 99% of Dutch life happens on a bike. I love the fact that I can go around without having to be scared someone will give you a free ride to the hospital.

2016-02-12 05.21.53 1-1280x1280A little as seen in: When a baby is born people put this in with either blue or pink accents in their garden.

2016-02-12 05.21.52 1-1280x720And I close off with this photo of misty street of Dullsville.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I’ve never heard of this town, but it looks so quaint and lovely! I agree with you, stroopwafels are the best! The French toast looks so yummy too. And the fact that I’m super hungry right now is not helping.
    Great post! 🙂


  2. Leuk! Heb in Groningen gestudeerd en het 15 jaar mijn thuis genoemd… daarna vertrokken naar Azië en uiteindelijk elders terecht gekomen, maar ik mis Groningen nog steeds! Heerlijke stad