Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done In Berlin That You Should Do Too

to do berlin
Here are some more awesome things I’ve seen and done in Berlin.

to do berlinTeufelsberg – Teufelsberg is a hill home to a former US Listening Station which was used in the Cold War. The S7 to Potsdam will take you to Berlin-Grünewald and from there it’s a 20 minute walk through the forest up to the hill. Guided walks are available daily every full hour from noon until dawn and do book ahead as the place can only be visited with a guide. The tour is around one hour and will take you around the abandoned complex, where you will find graffiti and street art adorning everything, but you’ll really just want to enjoy the view over the Grünewald from atop the listening tower, it’s like nowhere else in the city (or at least I haven’t found it). There’s a history tour available too, which describes the workings of the listening post from the 1960s onwards while you wander around.

to do berlinAunt Benny – I was lost somewhere in Friedrichshain, it was cold, it rained and when I saw the lights I just rushed inside. And to my surprise I stumbled upon this cute spot and decided to go inside. I was welcomed with a cosy and Pinterest worthy interior and got myself (what turned out to be) delicious carrot cake and fresh mint tea to warm me up. They also have a selection of sandwiches, bagels and soups which makes it a great place for a lunch.

to do berlinBerlin Wall Memorial – When it comes to the wall everyone is talking about the East Side Gallery (the longest standing bit left) but the Berlin Wall Memorial outside Nordbahnhof is much more impressive. The memorial contains the last piece of Berlin Wall with the preserved grounds behind it and gives you a great impression of how the border developed to keep people from trying to go to the other West Side. On November 9th 2014 (the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall) the permanent exhibition “1961 – 1989. The Berlin Wall Memorial opened in the renovated documentation center. It’s dedicated to the history of Berlin’s division and explains the political and historical situation that led to the Wall’s construction and fall. It’s opened daily from 10.00 to 18.00 and free of charge.

to do berlinThe Bird – there are a lot of burgers places in the city and it was hard to pick one. This confusingly-named place (cow, rather than bird was the main animal on the menu, though some chicken options were available) in Prenzlauer Berg was a good pick and their American style burgers are approved by Tea. Next to burgers you will find steak, a selection of beer and whiskey on the menu. I did miss milkshakes though.

Sofortbild-Shop – heaven for polaroid fans. Here you will find a hidden cavern full of of old polaroid cameras (prices range from €50 to €90) and a wide range of films by the Impossible Project. Plus they sell Fuji instax cameras and film. Mulackstrasse, where the shop is located, is generally a nice alternative street you need to check out too.


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  1. Yes yes yes so happy you included the bird on here! My husband and I went while we were in Berlin before Christmas and it made my day (ok, maybe year!) I already can’t wait to go back!

  2. Mmm I love carrot cake! I can’t wait to go back to Berlin and explore it more – and I’ll definitely keep Aunt Benny in mind when I do 🙂

  3. I absolutely love your blog! It’s very inspiring and adventurous! I’d love to travel through US and Europe <3 which I haven't yet and have only travelled through couple of asian countries (since I'm asian and all lol) Especially the Berlin wall memorial! Learning about the country's history and culture is the best part when travelling! <3 Love your posts!

    And thank you for following me on bloglovin' 🙂


  4. I’ve been to Berlin for a few times, but never visited the Teufelsberg. Is on my list for the next time! 🙂

  5. Great photos! I really enjoy looking at cities from other peoples’ perspective and picking up some recommendations that aren’t typical


  6. Great recommendations! I have been to Berlin once already for NYE and I only managed one from your list, The Berlin Wall. I’d love to check out some of these restaurants and other spots on our next visit :).