Six Things On A Sunday Walk

The Sundays keep on coming and walks keep on happening.

Early morning XXL walk to get bread – I usually take a detour via parks, mews and alleys to avoid the main road.

Seeing a bit of The Lockdown Exhibition on my way. It’s a local exhibition walking route where a selection of artists showcase their work in shop windows of local shops, pubs and restaurants. Love Letter to Camberwell by Hamley Jenkins is my favourite so far.

The parks around here are small, so I literally walk all the paths to extend my time in a green space. Usually it’s a great excuse to take an extra look at the cute dog running around. Today, however, I overheard two dog owners talking about dognappers, and now I’m conscious I look suspicious…

When queueing I love taking photos of bus ads that are either super outdated or have something pandemic related. Sadly most of them have been taken over by ads for online investments, betting and food delivery. But this one without an ad is also spot on.

How about this one surviving the snow and frost! I can’t wait for spring and seeing things in bloom. I’ve lost hope for hoping, but spring can’t be cancelled, right?

It also inspired me to kick off on my 2021 green garden project. I’m confident about the spring onion and rocket, and let’s see what’s on the cards for the chillies and peppers. Either way… it will keep me busy.

How was your Sunday?

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  1. Fijne foto’s, ik krijg er zin van om te reizen, haha. En ja, waar ik ook echt zin in heb is de lente. Kan niet wachten! Hier hadden we de afgelopen week een dik pak sneeuw en ik ben er he-le-maal klaar mee. Ik ben niet zo’n wintermens en vind de lente altijd zó fijn. Ik hoop dat het snel wat warmer wordt en de zon weer wat meer gaat schijnen 🙂

  2. Wauw die hokusai muurschildering, vet!
    Ik mis Londen, ik mis vakantie, ahh! 🙁 Heerlijk om even een kijkje te kunnen nemen 🙂