Cities I’d Love To Live In Next

In addition to London, Melbourne and several places in the Netherlands , I’ve also called a small village in Germany, a small town in Finland and an even smaller ski haven in Austria my home (as an adult that is).

I have my plan for what I want to do and where I want to be in 10 years and though I’m not done with London, I’ve given some thinking about where I want to potentially settle in the next few years.

In the name of manifestation, the wish fulfilling Gods and the universe I’m throwing out some locations that top my list.

Vienna – I love Austria and Vienna seems like an amazing place to live. It’s so easy to drive to the mountains for a day trip, an annual public transport pass costs around €365 and there are a lot of Bosnian restaurants I’d love to spend my money in. Sadly, from what I can see, there are not that many job offers in my sub industry there. So that’s not too realistic for me, but who knows?

Paris – I mean everyone has had a minute or two where they dreamt about living in Paris and I can’t make a list and not include the city of lights. However, I don’t think I’d agree with Parisians so that might just stay a dream for now.

Hamburg – Germany is on top of my list. And though I loved Berlin, I feel like a city the size of Hamburg would be a much better fit for me. Plus, I’d get the chance to explore the north side of Germany and some Scandinavian countries as well. Not to mention there are a lot of head offices of companies in my industry that make it a very realistic location for me.

Madrid – I have never been to Madrid, but it seems like a place I’d like to explore and hold out there a few years. The reason is the same as with Hamburg really: there are a lot of head offices that have a department in my line of work. I don’t speak Spanish, but that seems to be OK as most of them are focused on international employees.

Melbourne – I’m going to include a few impossible-but-there-is still-a-chance locations as well, this is for the higher powers if they’re listening. Just in case they can get me back to Melbourne to finish the things I didn’t get to do and explore the new things that have popped up since.

Denver – Out of all places in the States I think I’d appreciate Denver most. It seems the perfect combination of city and nature: you can ski in winter, you can hike during the rest of the year, and then you can go back to your gentrified neighbourhood. I know America is hard to get into, but I can dream, right?

Vancouver – When I was looking into internships back in uni, I considered and reconsidered Vancouver, but I ended up picking Melbourne because I always believed I’d get another opportunity to go to British Columbia. Out of the last three, Vancouver is actually doable visa wise.

If you could relocate to another country/city where would you go?

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  1. Oeh, leuk om over na te denken! Hamburg zou ook hoog op mijn lijstje staan, vond dat een hele fijne stad. In Wenen ben ik nog nooit geweest, maar ben er wel erg benieuwd naar. 🙂

  2. Oeh Hamburg! Dat vond ik zo’n fijne stad, het deed me ook aan Kopenhagen denken (waar ik dan weer heel fijn heb gewoond). Wenen schijnt de titel ‘meest leefbare stad’ van Melbourne te hebben overgenomen dus daar ben ik ook wel benieuwd naar 🙂 Maar wonen in Melbourne was wel een droom die uitkwam hoor! Whatsup next for me? Misschien weer terug naar Kopenhagen? Of een ander Scandinavisch stadje? Volgens mij, als je eenmaal begint met in het buitenland wonen, blijft het altijd kriebelen?