The One Where Tea Reminisces About Melbourne

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You might not be aware, but that red magazine you see on airport newsagents stands, the Economist, publishes an annual most liveable cities list each August.ย So why should you care? Well, because of the reigning champ for the last five years, the city of Melbourne.

Thankfully, I don’t remember the weeks I starved on rice, the days public transport made me die inside and the moment my travelbuddy ditched me, but there were a ton of things that made me smileย …


First of all, let’s NEVER forget that the city was the backdrop for the Marvel Masterpiece (compared to Fantastic Four ;)) that combined Nick Cage, Sam Elliott and a flaming skull motorcycle rider, what more could you want?

Getting stuck in a crowd at a live music show for a band who’s name I can’t remember and who never made it (RIP Toucan I’ll always love you!) where the main goal on everyone’s mind is to have a good time, or for a more quiet experience the ton of films I was glued to at the Astor Theatre.

When I’d get invited (sometimes not online!!) to a picnic that a friend of a friend organised. It’s something I miss – of course there’s red-tinted glasses, but there was never a pressure to befriend anyone, the focus was on finding out about people, sharing opinions on things on things we loved. Maybe I can set up

I thought only trolls lived under bridges, but Melbourne has something way better – Ponyfish Island, and after work snacks and drinks in the sun fills me with joy just thinking about it.

Food markets, no not the cool ones with butter fried chicken, vegan cakes and ‘the best burger according to a moustached chef’, but the actual ones that stock food like vegetables and meat – Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market was the best.

In Brunswick I got my hipster on, and pretended to be unique and be able to afford stuff in one of the many boutiques and vintage stores. I felt so unique, just like the rest of Melbourne, or the world, probably.

Those occasions I got dragged to new gallery openings even if I didn’t know anyone, just to soak up the energy, get free drinks and see what was new – I’ll let you decide which of those three things was most important ๐Ÿ˜‰

I only lived in Melbourne for six months, it took me a while to feel it out, but once I did it never left me (like herpes right!?), and I still love the city with a sentiment words can’t explain.

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  1. Melbourne is only a couple hours on plane from me, but I’ve never been there! Your descriptions of the city make it seem like an exciting and fun place, and now I really want to go hehe ^_^ xx

  2. This makes me so excited to move to Melbourne. I’ll be studying there for a year and hopefully I’ll have my permanent residency.

  3. I want to go to Melbourne so badly, now! Or anywhere new, for that matter! I love posts like this one, where you get to know a city from a non-touristy point of view. It feels so much more real!
    Marianne ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love Melbourne!It trumps Sydney! I’m going back there in November for a week ๐Ÿ™‚