Travel Guilty Pleasures and Faux Pas I am Guilty Of

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Sometimes I do or like things that I shouldn’t, but I do it anyway because the pleasurable feeling overrules the guilt. But now it’s time to come clean and get these travel related guilty pleasures off my chest. 

Taking too many photos.
Oh yeah,  I have around 500 pictures from the two hours I spent at the Acropolis. Some things are just snap worthy and I don’t want to regret not taking them.

I have a collection of kitschy key-chains and other cheesy souvenirs. Once I realised they are mainly there to collect dust and take up space I stopped buying them. Cold turkey.

So I started saving every folder and entry ticket with the idea to do ‘something’ with it. I still haven’t figured out what that something is. One day ….

I am sooooo guilty of being THAT loud person on your bus/train or plane … well, only occasionally. I blame this one on being Bosnian, we are just very loud people as we have to communicate to each other from one side of a hill to another and we tend to forget that when we are in the civilised world. But after someone reminds me I will keep my volume down. Promise.

Overpriced white mochas and McTurkey’s 
I almost don’t dare to confess this, but when I am on holiday I sometimes go to Starbucks for my overpriced white mocha. It’s considered not done but these are the places that usually have clean toilets and wi-fi, so I can justify that. Maybe once I strayed to a McDonald’s too, but it was definitely for the McGreek or the McTurkey.

People Watching
Sitting down near a window with my tea and observing people walking by is one of my favourite things to do. My excuse is that you it’s the perfect chance to learn about the local culture and behaviour.

Have a little patience
Being impatient when restaurant service is slow is something I have been guilty of. But I can explain: You know when you have a big breakfast, skip lunch to save money and then have a big dinner? So you get hungry and cranky and sometimes it happens that things are slow and you start bitching (to each other) about how slow everything is. But once the food has arrived I will be the happiest again.

I am not the only one … right?

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  1. Definitely not the only one! I’m guilty of the photos, collecting, people watching and starbucks (yes to wifi and clean toilets). Keep on keeping on! x

  2. I ALWAYS people watch, eavesdrop conversations at least once while traveling, the BEST way to get to know the culture! Well McDonald’s and Starbucks abroad sometimes have different cool menus unavailable anywhere else – there goes our excuse!

  3. Love this! I’m guilty of nearly all of them- but I think taking too many photos and collecting stuff are things to be proud of! I often wish I had taken even more photos, and I always forget to get enough souviners! 🙂

  4. Oh no we all have them! My guilty pleasure is, on long term travel, holing up in my room/bungalow/hostel/whatever for the day and binge watching netflix. I always feel bad that I missed a day of exploring, but sometimes you just wanna chill out and do nothing!

  5. Aaa starbucks. My guilty pleasure. Every week…. but seriously I know it’s expensive but I literally can’t not go there. I just can’t. I have to. I’m addicted. Long live starbucks.

  6. The only souvenirs I always try to find in a new country is actually a cool chain with either the flag of that country or something symbolic (like a maple leaf for Canada). Key chains are rather practical, small and don’t add any extra weight to my luggage, so I don’t think it is that guilty of a pleasure 😀

  7. My room is full of souvenirs…… fridge full of little souvenirs/magnets… laptop full of photos……I also have a box full of tickets,receipts and other memorabilia from my trips!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I totally agree about watching people…it’s the perfect chance to learn about the local culture and behaviour.
    Travelling is my thing!!!!!!!!!!
    So I plead guilty for all the above and I’m happy about it 🙂

  8. I feel your guilt but don’t feel too bad. Starbucks is just needed sometimes. Like you said, WiFi and clean toilets are a little gift to yourself when traveling. As for the photos…you can never have too many. My guilty pleasure is cocktails :S

  9. I am so guilty of the Starbucks one. But I have a really good excuse – we don’t have one where I live! So I only get to go there when I travel. And their iced chocolates and ginger nut lattes are amazing… 🙂
    I don’t think people watching counts as a guilty pleasure. I think everyone should do more of that!

  10. Hmmm? I am..
    Too loud in public places…
    Chronic people watcher/ eavesdropper…
    Either I am Bosnian too, or these seem to be common practices?
    Last I checked I have no Bosnian genealogy. But now I must someday visit a country full of kindred souls.
    Great post 🙂 Cheers!

  11. I do not like the Starbucks . From this point on I am free . Nice writings. 🙂

  12. Girl! The occasional Starbucks is my guiltiest pleasures when abroad. Also… I’m ashamed to say that when in Paris this summer, I had suuuuch a hankering for Chipotle that I nearly took an entire day to get there by subway. Those little cravings can totally get the best of me too. But hey! At least we’re all a little guilty of this, so we’re all in it together 🙂