Instant April

Now the weather Gods are finally treating us with the occasional sunshine I can take an actual Polaroid outside like – as somebody shouted at me recently “fucking hipster trash”.

impossible project polaroid (1)

And was I lucky as the minute I got my camera out, the clouds parted and the sky was a ready made photo studio, as well as marking it as the perfect start of spring.

impossible project polaroid copenhagen

Copenhagen is ridiculously photogenic so I exploited that to the max, I’ll stretch those out to another post later, but for now here is a sneak peak of the famous harbour and the Little Mermaid. And here is thank you to my dearest, patient friend who was very understanding whenever I took the time to click that shutter.

impossible project polaroid london

Back in London where Anteros – and not, as you can read here, Eros – is looking all cute in his usual spot on Piccadilly Circus ready to shoot some returned love for the ones in need. Did you know that it used to be a drinking fountain way way back? Sadly it’s dry now so you’ll have to head to a coffee shop if you want some liquid refreshment in W1.

impossible project polaroid london

My London bingo continues with these gems: double decker busses, black cabs AND Big Ben shining in the background – and you might also spot phone booth and mail box if you look really closely. The only thing missed is a flag, fish and chips and possibly that old broad with a crown.

Those are few things I did ‘offline’ or the real world to you and me. But…online I wrote an embarrassing 5 posts – the blogging police hasn’t come out to get me so far, but I’m a bit paranoid they’ll get me when I least expect it… If you missed the posts, they are: a guide on saving around £170 on your London visit by choosing alternative cheaper tourist attractions, the three stops you’ll make during the Golden Circle Tour, the less awesome things I did in Lisbon, Instant Feb & March and Hej from Copenhagen part 1.

What have you been up to?

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  1. I really need to adventure outside with my Instant camera, I always tend to keep it for indoors. I definitely need to change that.

  2. Wonderful, I love the nostalgy of the polaroid. Great that the clouds opened up for you!