DF/Mexico : where American diner meets Mexican street food

American diner meets Mexican streetfood pop-up in Brick Lane.

Firstly, I must admit – Mexican is one of my favourites – so I’m quite the critic when it comes to fajitas, salsa and tortillas, and am always on the look out for the latest place to grab a plate of nachos. This new addition to Shoreditch’s eating destinations is by the team behind Wahaca and as a long-time fan of their Mexican street style food (who can resist tasty tapas style fast food for a reasonable price), I had to give it try.

DF/Mexico (named after Districto Federal AKA Mexico City) is located in Brick Lane and Shoreditch chic is chosen for the interior: there is your minimalist meets glass, wood, blackened steel and concrete. On to the food …

It offers Mexican dishes with an American touch. There’s your standard fare: tacos, burritos and nachos. But on top of that there’s the bottomless agua fresca juice, the NYC tortas – this bun-meets-flavoured-meat dish comes in pork pibil, chile beef or mushrooms for the veggies, and the DIY Mexican boards wooden trays with everything you need to make your own taco.

I guess they needed a Unique Selling Point, so the ordering process works a bit different here: you get your table, drool over the menu and order your food at the counter – either served by a member of staff, or at one of those self-service touch screens and before you’ve decided which Instagram filter you are going to use for the just taken selfie, the food arrives at your table and disappears from your plate. After you have take the obligated shots, of course.

Will I go back? Yes, most probably, as I’d like to try a burrito, the frozen margarita and have another of those lime and chia seed juice refills. Oh, and I forgot to mention – the free DF popping candy sachets they have on offer for departing customers.

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  1. I loved DF Mexico when I went! And yes you do need to try the frozen margaritas, especially the passion fruit one I loooved it!

  2. Oh I’ve been to DF Mexico a couple of times now and I just hope they stay around forever. The frozen margaritas are amaaazing and the NYC tortas, I can’t even talk about the deliciousness.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  3. I’m mexican but I’m currently living in Slovenia, you killed me with this post!!!! haha I miss Mexico so much, mexican food is t h e B E S T!