International Interior: Creating a Pinterest Proof Interior Without Losing Your Traveller Touch

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We all aim for that perfect Pinterest proof house that would endlessly be repinned, well … I found the ingredients. The photo above is a reconstruction to illustrate the post and I promise it isn’t sitting on my shelf right now.

  • Maps covering your turquoise walls and globes scattered across various rooms displaying your collection. Bonus points it they are aged
  • One map (the biggest and most impressive one) with push pins to remind you of all the places you’ve been
  • Lots of travel-related books and well-worn guides including all the little scribbles you made on them
  • A shelf dedicated to your Buddha’s and other awkward to pack souvenirs
  • That colourful rug that you brought from Morocco with a story you like to tell people every time they comment on it
  • A pinboard for all of the cards that you sent yourself with encouraging messages
  • Framed travel quotes for inspiration (bonus points if it’s the Tolkien ”All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost” one)
  • Photo booth shots and/or polaroids you took all over the place
  • A handwoven blanket from Bolivia resting on your Chesterfield couch
  • Vintage travel posters on hallway walls
  • Necklaces, rings and bracelets are laid out on your cupboard
  • A framed photo of you and a third world country orphan on your desk, just to remind you of Malaya and all those others out there
  • Real sheepskin you got from that farmer as a gift because you blessed his harvest
  • Vintage suitcases which serve as side-tables
  • Four clocks displaying the time in four different cities that are close to your heart

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  1. It’s funny because it’s such a cliché and people love to do it, although half of those things make no sense, at least to me. If I’m traveling and want to reminisce about that when at home, I most certainly don’t need ten globes and watches to show time around the world (unless there are some friends in different timezones I wish to contact, it might be useful) but people like what they like. I do think that travelers find function in other things that other people don’t and decorate their space according to that, but sometimes people just try too hard to potray something that doesn’t need to be portrayed…

  2. I totally relate…scratch map in the kitchen (with postcards pins – sight!!), Thai mats in the living room, and tons of earrings in the bathroom…I’ve never thought of taking photos to pinterest it but maybe I should!! (ah!?)
    joke aside…it’s the way we are and it’s not going to change, but there’s worse things in life 😉