Random thoughts on my flight back home

Ugh, the flight back home has to be the worst part of the trip right? You’re moving further and further away from your adventures, topped off with the endless waiting, making yourself comfortable ends up in yoga-like poses on your seats, the food … you just can’t wait till it’s over.

Here are some random thoughts from my 16 hours flight back.

I think I was a night watch-dog in a previous life. My two friends fell asleep as soon as the plane started moving, it was like a cradle for them, but I can’t drift off to slumberland.

Why would you bring a fish sandwich on a plane? Of all the items that should be suspended 30,000 ft in the sky, a smelly fish squashed between bits of bread is not one of them.

 The painfully fitting headphones are making it even more difficult to put up with 22 Jump Street, but at least the discomfort is helping me focus on this never-ending disaster of a movie.

 This meal sounded so good on paper. Now it seems it tastes like paper too.

New rule: airplane seats should only go as far back as the person sitting in them is able to limbo.

Huh? What did they just announce?

Oh come on … everyone knows what’s going on under that blanket. Get a room, or possibly a toilet.

Can someone put a restraining order on film directors and Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore? They really should have stopped appearing in movies together after the The Wedding Singer.

Are we there yet?

I am not sure if this is chicken.

Why is the couple on the left not having any food? They even don’t want ice-cream. It’s not THAT bad. Is there something wrong? (I really shouldn’t watch LOST before flying).

Does Cameron Diaz age? Or play another type of character. Is she a real actress, or just a prototype for a virtual Hollywood character?

Is it possible to get IG like-envy? I think I’m getting it from the lucky passenger at the window snapping away.

Has anyone had a good plane meal?

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  1. Actually, I don’t know if you saw “Bad Teacher” but it was a bit of a different role for Cameron Diaz and she was hilarious! I feel bad that you couldn’t sleep on such a long plane trip! I don’t think I could handle it 🙁


  2. This perfectly sums up my thoughts on every long plane ride! Oh, and I’ve never had what I would consider a “good” plane meal, but Qantas came the closest :).

  3. Haha, I love it. I often take long flights and must admit it can be my best “thinking time”.

    As for what was going on underneath that blanket, I want to know (oh and every detail ha ha).

  4. Flights back home are the worst for sure!!! I too started scribbling down all the random thoughts that came to mind the past few times I was on a flight that removed me further and further away from fun-adventure-land. From the sort of things you posted here, to what to clean when back home, to who to call, to what to wear, to how to be more successful and clever, to…. aaaaahhhh! ;p

  5. “Are we even moving? Those clouds look completely stationary.”

    “I don’t want to go back home.”

    “I could really do with another apple juice; I wonder if the flight attendants will mind my bugging them.”

    “I wonder what that person two seats in front and across the aisle is watching? Looks interesting.”

    I have had some decent in-flight food; I think Air France (who included two small bottles of alcohol, in Economy would you believe!) and Emirates have the best. Worst – well the snack I had on Air Moldova was possibly edible …