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One of my favourite parts of travelling is sitting down in a cafe, having a drink or light bite, and watching things and people go by (well, at least I look at those who aren’t glued to their phone). I think the ‘age of the cafe’ is upon us – not one day doesn’t go by without a new unique and quirky cafe appearing that must be visited.


Owl, bunny, maid, cat … you name it and Japan has has a cafe for it. I wasn’t really interested in those, but I am a bit sad I didn’t have the time to visit hammock cafe and gallery Mahika Mano in Tokyo. Yes, that’s right: you can chill in a hammock, sip on your hip latte while you try to find the meaning of whatever they have hanging on the walls.


Ponyfish Island in Melbourne isn’t necessarily offering anything weird, it’s your usual coffee/tea/sodas and a simple – yet delicious menu. But it’s the unique location that makes it stand out: it’s literally on the Yarra River just under the Southbank Footbridge. I loved to go there after work for a drinks and chats. And honestly: if you can only do one thing in Melbourne I highly suggest Ponyfish Island.

Now, on to Europe’s most unique cafes. London is on fire: the cat and book cafes are soooo 2012, it’s all about porridge, board games or cereal. I do like heaven on earth Cereal Killer Cafe as they offer a great selection of bowls from all over the world topped off with an awesome retro setting. You shouldn’t miss it if you are visiting London, but beware the queues.


In Paris they are working it too: Dans Le Noir lets you dine and drink in complete darkness – seeing is overrated, let your other senses do the work for once. And not forgetting Sur un Arbre Perche where you can eat while sitting on a swing! Yes, I’m not making this up, but make sure to book ahead.


Domklause is part of the DDR Museum in Berlin and here you can try some of the DDR-inspired dishes featuring sausages, potatoes, pickles and cabbage. In Bosnia we call this a standard Monday to Thursday dinner, but if you are from outside Eastern Europe it might be worth a visit for your tastebuds to timetravel.


Doing your washing isn’t always a fun experience (excluding of course in Rom coms), but this place might be changing that. The Laundromat cafe Sunshine in New York is where I wouldn’t mind doing my laundry while grabbing a beer or probably a grilled cheese sandwich while Instagramming, I bet I won’t be the only one. While we are in New York: I will be definitely paying a visit to flowershop slash coffee pit spot Spina.

Which unusual cafes are the ones you’ll never forget?

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  1. I’m not sure dining in the dark would be for me, but I’d love to try and eat on a swing! Lol. O and I’m off to London next week so will try and find one of those cereal bars!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was literally just making a list of places I want to go to when I’m in New York this summer and London this Fall. How perfect. I will definitly be going to these cafes if I have the chance, because they see absolutely gorgeous! Espacially the one in the flowershop. That must be amazing.
    Marianne 🙂