Friday, Five Elsewhere!

It’s Friday! And for the blogosphere this means its time to link back to other people’s posts (often the ones you actually wish you’d come up with yourself!). Why do we do this? Mainly because traffic wise Friday seems to be the worst day to share new original content. So, here is my five pence worth.

1. Ashlea’s post on her worst flight (10 hours turned into 36 hours of travel time) is a must read and something to give you some perspective next time you think you are having a bad flight experience (not getting a window seat fades into insignificance).

2. My move to London was done in anything but a traditional way. It was after I moved that I looked into things that needed to be sorted out, which led to some stress. Don’t be like me! Read into moving abroad tips, they are out there for a reason.

3. There are a lot posts devoted to getting the cheapest tickets and I think they are all pretty much the same – except this post from Traveling Lady – check out the bonus tip and keep it in mind for next time you book a ticket.

4. If you are in the mood for a meatier bit of text to sink your teeth into, then this one on Inuit culture is for you. If you have the attention span of a squirrel then chew on some nuts and look at all the shiny photos.

5. On Along Dusty Roads Andrew and Emily shared an inspiring budget breakdown of their 365 days of travelling through South America that can give everyone hope. Spoiler alert: they managed to do it on a budget just over $10K … and didn’t cut on fun things. Go read, learn, and be envious of their adventures.


Have a good one ya’ll

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  1. Love your post photo Tea – really brings me back to my time in Berlin! Thanks for featuring my article on my worst flight story, I’m glad you found it interesting!