Tuesday, Three Places I Can’t Tell You Anything About

Some places I’ve visited have inspired me with lots of posts (I’m looking at you Reykjavik and Berlin) and then there are the places I’ve been I could barely give you a few words on. They aren’t necessarily the worst places I’ve visited, it’s just that they never had the chance.
I stayed for four nights in Nice – but didn’t see anything of the city, as I was just there to sleep, wake up and then get on a train to Cannes where I hoped to spot Bill Murray, Edward Norton and check which dress Diane Kruger would be donning for the day. Apparently Nice is known for its beautiful beaches, pretty landscapes and IG worthy viewing points. All I can tell you is that there was the idyllic terrace at the hostel, a supermarket that sold instant noodles and the train station was charming.

Krakow was another of those places that was just a base – this time for Auschwitz. In this case I arrived at the hostel after a long train ride from Linz, I was too tired to explore the Old Town, visit the Schindler’s Factory Museum or walk the Royal Way. The visit to Auschwitz was such so emotional that afterwards I couldn’t just go out and play happy tourist.

During my semester abroad in Jyväskylä, Finland I visited the nearby city of Tampere a few times. I can tell you the cinema on the main square has good popcorn, I can tell you I enjoyed hot chocolate in a place just off the main square and that Tampere Dream Hostel has the dreamiest bed. But I can’t tell you anything about the The Moomin Museum OR Tampere Lenin Museum because I went to the city during a bank holiday – when they were both closed 🙁

Have you been somewhere exciting, but not really?

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  1. Kan wel aanraden nog eens naar Krakow te gaan! Wij hebben het namelijk precies andersom gedaan, juist alle hoeken van de stad bezocht en lieten Auschwitz even schieten om daar los een keer een bezoek aan te kunnen brengen.