You know you’ve been in London when …

London Londra Londres Londen
You know you’ve been in London when …
You got one of those classic phone booth photos and you look scared on all of them because the awful smell surprised you
You had a hard time figuring out the underground system and when you finally find the right line you realise you are on the wrong direction
Camden Town was one of the highlights of your stay and you queued to see what Cyberdog was about
The photo you took at Platform 9 3/4 is now your Facebook profile photo
It’s your favourite city in the whole wide world
You sat down on the stairs at the Anteros Statue at Picadilly Circus and watched everything go by
You have at least one Union Jack souvenir that you treasure
You have no idea what the announcers on the underground are saying
You took a ride on double decker bus and when you sat in the front you felt so British
You’ve been yelled at because you stood still on the left side of the escalator
You had overpiced ‘high tea’ and believed it was something the British do everyday
You were tricked into eating at TGIF, Aberdeen Steakhouse or Bella
The prices at Topshop were higher than you expected so you settled for Primark
You went to all four floors of M&M World
You fell in love everytime you heard someone speak … because ‘ohemgee that accent!!’
You posed in front of Big Ben for the perfect photo and you were that person that blocked the path
The only kind of shopping you’ve done at Harrods was window shopping
You been to a musical – extra points if you’ve been screwed over by one of those ticket sales booths in Soho promising you the best seats for a cheap price
You were disappointed you didn’t run into Tom Hiddleston and he magically took you on a special London tour
The only celebrity you actually have seen was at Madame Tussaud’s
You took at least 1500 photos on your first day, of which 400 were on the London Eye
You promised the city you would come back again and again and again

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  1. Great post! There were so many of your points that sounded oddly familiar! 😀
    I actually laughed at “You were disappointed you didn’t run into Tom Hiddleston and he magically took you on a special London tour” … we can all dream, right? Last November I got really lucky because I was in London when Tom promoted Thor 2/ Only Lovers Left Alive so I actually saw him twice in two days or something. Ah, the memories! 🙂
    This post really makes me want to book a flight to London ASAP though … sigh!

  2. London is my all time favourite place!!! I could totally relate to so many of those points especially treasuring my union flag souvenirs and taking a ridiculous amount of photos of landmarks that I’ve seen 100 times!!

    Heather x

  3. I think it’s my favourite post (so far)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve got 14/22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I know I’ve been in London because …It’s my most favourite city in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I promised the city I would come back again and again and again and again…… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (and I kept my promise)

  4. Hahaha, I love this! To be honest, I haven’t been to the UK… I could, however, easily make a list just like this for NYC. Growing up less than an hour from the city, many of these seemed quite familiar…
    Trade the underground for the subway, the Union Jack souvenir for an “I <3 NY" souvenir, Big Ben for good ol' Empy, and Harrods for Tiffany/Macy's/Saks…etc.
    Love this whole post hahaha I should be sure to accomplish a couple of these things whenever I make it over that way!

  5. Definitely fell in love with the accents all over again and took a gazillion photos from the London Eye. But when I was there I only had two days so not nearly enough to get everything done you list! Have to to back some day (soon!).

  6. This was brilliant! London is an amazing city. Even us Brits from elsewhere can get confused on the underground and no matter how many times you go, Camden is always exciting. I love the bit about getting tricked to going to a big chain restaurant! It happens everytime because there’s just so much choice!

  7. This is an amazing list and all of it is so true! Although…I never went to Madam Tussaud’s but I did run into Orlando Bloom in Piccadilly once!