Where To Find The Best Working From Home Music

Where To Find The Best Working From Home Music

New to working from home? The first week is all about establishing boundaries with your flatmates, finding the perfect video conference background, and listening to all the Corona playlists. However, now that’s over, you’ve run out of playlists and are not sure where to turn. There’s so much audio out there on video and streaming services, but which is best for concentrating and keeping productive when you’re trapped inside?

If you miss being in your favourite coffee shop, well Cafe Music BGM Channel has you sorted – relaxing jazz, piano and other genres to give you that perfect accompaniment for your espresso, latte or mocha. The group is part of the larger BGM Channel, with even more genres.

Another good place to start is film soundtracks – things you’re familiar with, but ambient, relaxed versions so it’s not too distracting, such as those by Syneptic who covers Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean.

And if you feel like pretending you’re in film with a surreal story, playing bands like Explosions in the Sky, God Is An Astronaut and Mogwai will help you immerse and can act as the soundtrack. Explosions in the Sky’s album All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone is the best one to start with, especially when the notes of It’s Natural to Be Afraid start playing while you dramatically look out of window, waiting for your adventure to beg.

An unexpected goldmine of great background tunes is video game music, particularly with a more chill spin on it, such as those from Luigi’s Calm/Relaxing Soundtracks, Tenpers Universe and SuperRedGames “Video Game Music for Studying” series.

If you don’t want any music to get in the way of your productivity, try ambient background channels like Immerse in Nature, Guild of Ambience and Meditation Forest, which feature cozy libraries, tranquil forests and warm fireplaces indoors with a storm in the backdrop.

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