15 Different, Unique & Unusual Things To Do in London

For when all this crazyness passes

You could never get bored in London. Even if it’s your 265th visit, and you think you’ve seen and done it all there will always be lesser known, unusual and quirky things to do in the UK capital.

Where else can you see slightly inaccurate dinosaur statues, climb the roof of an arena, visit an underground Roman temple or dine in a tube carriage?

All The Different, Unique & Unusual Things To Do in London

Wander Around Barbican Conservatory

You can visit London’s unique conservatory on the weekend and delve into a hidden tropical brutalist oasis. This peaceful respite from the city has to be seen to be believed and puts places like the Sky Garden to shame. If you want to learn more about the place you can go on a guided tour, but you are free to explore the area yourself.

Go Up The Elizabeth Tower To See Big Ben Up Close

For those seeking a different perspective, exploring the interior of the Elizabeth Tower unveils a fascinating glimpse into the mechanics and history of Big Ben. Ascending its spiral staircase, visitors can witness the intricate workings of the clock mechanism and learn about the tower’s rich architectural heritage, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Take A Look Inside 18 Stafford Terrace

Do you ever wonder what life was like for people living in Victorian times? How did their houses look like inside?? I know I do! If you do too then head to 18 Stafford Terrace for a veritable treasure trove of period furniture, art and history.

Explore Handel’s & Hendrix’s Places

This museum details how composer George Frederic Handel lived there in the 18th century and musician Jimi Hendrix lived in the 60s of the last century. Handel’s side consists of a restored set of period rooms, while Hendrix’s side is a reconstruction of his flat and an exhibition on what he was up to in his time in London.

Mosaic timeline of London’s history

If you ever find yourself between St. Paul’s and Tower Bridge then make sure to walk to Queenhithe to see London’s history illustrated on a giant mosaic mural. This infographic gave me a clearer overview of the city’s timeline than any of the capital’s museums.

Climb Up At The O2

Did you know you can climb to the top of the O2 Arena? It’s apparently called Urban Mountaineering and it’s more like walking over the huge building while you’re suited and chained. So conquer your fear of heights or get your adrenaline fix and climb to awesome views of London from up there. Prices start at £30 which isn’t too painful!

See The Dinosaur Statues at Crystal Palace Park

And not like the ones you know. See, the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park were designed and sculpted by a sculptor and natural history artist under the scientific direction of a biologist and paleontologist, representing the latest dino knowledge from the 1850s. This was all before Darwin’s “On the Origin Of Species” so they’re slightly inaccurate, but still very entertaining. While you are there make sure to have a cake and tea at the station cafe – they do the best millionaire’s shortcake.

Visit Art Deco Heaven Eltham Palace & Gardens

In the 14th century Eltham Palace was the place to be but it fell into disrepair and ruins until it was saved by the new owners who put a definite Art Deco spin on their new digs. The couple were the ‘talk of the town’ at the time, the celebs you had know, and if you were lucky enough, be invited to one of their famed extravagant parties. And the best thing is that they’ve left the house for us to explore all the room (after you’ve paid an entrance fee of course).

Dine on an old Victoria Line Tube Train @ Tube Supperclub

We’re not talking the Boots meal deal or a tuna salad from Pret. At the Tube Supperclub by the Basement Gallery you can revel in a set menu in a former tube carriage. It may well be the only time you can actually get a seat! They don’t happen often so you’ll have to book ahead.

Go To A Pub Quiz / Trivia Night

Especially now it’s cold, an escape to a pub trivia night competition is best way to keep you warm! The Ten Bells, next to Spitalfields has been hosting their Pub Quiz for years and is the great spot if you are into the fun and not too competitive quizzes. If you are up for something more creative the Mactbeth in Hoxton is the place to be, the crew love to put on an epic trivia night with themes like Beyonce, The OC and Game of Thrones. CALIFORNIAAAAAAAAAA HERE WE COME!

Score A Hole in One At Junkyard Golf

Leave your polo shirt and golf cart at home as this mini golf is all about frozen margaritas and disco lights while trying to score a hole in one on a themed course (my favourite is the movie ones!). And as it’s only a tenner it won’t break your bank.

Visit The Roman Temple of Mithras

The London Mithraeum houses the remaining of the Roman Temple of Mithras and a selection of Roman Artefacts. There is also a wall displaying 600 Roman artefacts discovered in an archaeological dig. On thete you’ll find everything from coins to combs and even shoes.

Discover What’s In Guildhall Art Gallery

Below the Guildhall Art Gallery you can find countless works of art with the added bonus of the remains of a Roman amphitheatre far down below. And yes… this is where actual gladiator games, animal fighting and public executions took place.

Tour The Old Victorian Alexandra Palace Theatre

The refurbished Victorian theatre – that was featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming – is the oldest new theatre in London and you can now take a look behind the scenes by booking a tour that takes you around the theatre and its history.

Visit the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret

the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret Europe’s oldest surviving operating theatre. There’s the circular operating theatre, a host of terrifying early surgery equipment, collections of potions and lotions and a scented array of medicinal herbs and spices. It’s unlike any other museum in Europe.

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  1. I’ve only been to London once, for a few days on an unintentional layover on my way to Germany because of snow-maggedon in 2010. I’d love to go back and explore the city more.