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Why London Eye Is Not Worth It

15th September 2014

London Tip London Eye

If you’ve ever looked through (or been shown) a London tourist’s photos, you’ve probably come across one, or a hundred, of the London Eye. How this giant ferris wheel is somehow in the top 5 of London’s most visited tourist attractions I still can’t get my head around. Recently I decided to give it a second chance, but it still didn’t do it for me

London Tip London Eye

London Eye (3)

London Eye (4)

London Eye (5)

London Eye (6)

London Eye (7)

London Tip London Eye


London Eye (10)

The view is nice but not unique, the info pads don’t really give you any info – just some random facts which seem to confuse the tourists more – but the thing is … nothing really happens. It might be the fact that London doesn’t have a famous skyline for tourists to recognise: everyone in my capsule stayed on one side to take a thousands of photos of Big Ben and once we were on top they ran to the other side to do the same of Tower Bridge – you can imagine their disappointed faces when they realized you can’t even see it from the pod.

In a city where there is far too much to do I would skip it – it’s a waste of money and time. For a similar riverside view I would recommend St. Paul’s Cathedral – a bit cheaper and you get to see its impressive insides. If you have a bigger budget and you want a much more eye-opening perspective, then go for the Shard.

If you still insist: 1. pre-book your tickets online (it will save you some time) 2. Pray the weather will be ok and 3) don’t go on a busy day (unless you like to wait).

16 thoughts on “Why London Eye Is Not Worth It

  1. Damon and Jo

    We’ve been to London three times and not once have we done the London Eye…mainly due to the cost of the damn thing! Thanks for the tip about St. Paul’s Cathedral! We’ll check it out next time.

  2. Lily

    I absolutely loved the London Eye, for someone who had just moved to London I found it such an amazing view! I did get taken there by my boyfriend on my first date so it was even more magical but I literally took so many photos and even when I looked at yours I got that exciting feeling all over again!
    I have taken on board your tips tho & also am yet to try the shard, so fingers crossed its even better! 🙂 x

  3. Anna

    I’ve been to London eye once, when it was my first time in London, and I really liked it! We were really lucky so we didn’t have to wait almost at all and it was autumn evening so it got darker and darker while we were in the wheel so the view become really pretty! I think that it is a must in London and is a really nice experience, but I probably wouldn’t go there a second time -also because I don’t have that much extra in my wallet.. But it is a once in a life time experience! 🙂

  4. Lyndsey

    I have been on it once at night, so I couldn’t even see what the building I knew where, and it really doesn’t help you at all. The only plus side it was bonfire night so I got an amazing view of the fireworks over London. I would much rather walk around and see all the buildings myself .

  5. Bec

    I am the same – I have done it twice and wasn’t ‘wowed’ and someone kept farting in my capsule so it was gross. I’m also scared of heights so I felt a bit uncomfortable. Not the worst experience but for what it costs I woud have rather gone out for a delicious dinner or done the Jack the ripper tour or something.

    The London dungeons were pretty cool. Bec x

  6. Annso

    Josy and I have been to London many times and always skipped the London Eye because of its price – good to hear we were right to do so! In my opinion the view from Tate Modern’s balcony is rather nice as well (and free). We might try St. Paul’s next time.
    Annso xx

  7. natalia h

    When I went to London, I was with a friend who had been there before and she said it was not worth the money and the wait. so we didn’t go. We sat for a while at the part right in front of it, looking at the big thing from below, eating ice cream and looking at people, relaxing a bit. I don’t know but I quite liked that!


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