Friday, Five – Things I’m Looking Forward To This Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with January. It’s cold, it gets dark early and it’s too easy to spend all day in bed. Top it off with a pandemic lockdown and I can’t wait to say goodbye to the first month of the year.

But I promised myself that I will be making the most out of the weekends and I’m hoping these five things will do the trick.

What Is Contemporary Art E-Course Kick-Off
MoMA’s third Coursera goes live this weekend: ‘What Is Contemporary Art?’ covers art made between 1980 and the present. MoMA’s courses have been very approachable so far and I can’t wait to hear about the creative process, material use and inspiration of the featuring artists.

They promise that I’ll have confidence to look at contemporary art and make connections to your own life or creative practice. And I’m all up for that!

Puzzle Away
The current scares are out of my hands, but I’m not taking all that gloom and doom with me into the weekend. Instead I’m going to do one of the few things that I do have in control: assemble a beautiful image, piece by piece. And hopefully clear my mind a bit along the way as well.

Early Morning Walk
That one daily walk to kick off my day is something I’m holding on to. On the weekend the routes are a bit longer, I get to see a few streets and check in on the Corner Cat. I also can’t wait for that post-walk feeling that will help me get through the day.

I’ll be throwing out 98 things this weekend as part of my 30-day Minimalist Game. I know you’re supposed to throw out a certain number of things a day, but I find it much calmer to go through the house in one or two goes and pick things to recycle. My recent treasure trove has been the junk drawer in the kitchen, which will probably get me at least halfway there!

Movie Nights!
I’m very curious about Locked Down! The rom com heist is the first major film that I know of that’s set during the current pandemic. It was filmed between the last two lockdowns here in London and I probably should watch it in five years’ time and laugh at the virtual call cliches but I’m really too curious.

I’m also watching one or two films for my 2021 challenge, where I watch a movie for each country I’ve been to. I’m thinking Toni Erdman for Germany and/or La Mala Educación for Spain.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. Oeh succes met de puzzel! Ik heb daar dus totaal geen geduld voor he… zelfs niet in deze tijden. Lijkt me extra spannend daar in Londen! Houd je taai!

    P.S. Mijn dagen bestaan echt uit elke dag dezelfde dingen afvinken ‘buiten gewandeld, yoga gedaan, een half uur gelezen’… je moet toch wat he?