Friday, Five Random Things


Happy Friday! How has everyone’s week been? To finish mine I am throwing in a random post with five things that have been on my mind.

  • Me and two friends are heading to Japan in April for 10 days. And I am very very excited – and that is an understatement. I think we have an idea of things we want to do, but if anyone has some insider tips or must go spots please do share.
  • I am obsessed with states/countries with limited recognition and a few years ago I almost went to Transnistria, but then the tickets got expensive and I went for a budget trip instead. I am really curious how life is in such countries and this Growing Up In A Country That Doesn’t Exist post has cleared up a lot of things as well as made me want to go there even more. It will only take two minutes of your time and is probably the best thing you will read today.
  • At the start of the month I posted my Londen Wanderlist and the 15 things I want to do in the city. Well … I’ve already crossed one thing off: Hint Hunt. It was definitely interesting and you’ll read more soon, let’s just say I liked it so much I already booked an escape game in Amsterdam – where I’ll be making a pit stop next month before heading to my parents in the north of Netherlands.
  • Have you guys seen this Mercure competition? Mercure (the hotel chain) has decided to check if the well-known six-degrees-of-separation theory is real. The goal is to select a candidate (via a Facebook vote), somewhere around the world, and take the person to meet an Aboriginal in Australia, and prove that they are only 6 degrees of separation away from each other! I was turned off by Facebook vote competitions but this looks sooo awesome and I am really curious to see how this turns out. Anyone signing up?
  • I came across GlobeDrop – an interactive (and free) way to connect travellers to social organizations/charities around the world. Sometimes when you are in less fortunate country does a kind of guilt rise up and you feel like you need to do something? Well via GlobeDrop you can search for charities in your location and personally bring in-kind donations to your organization of choice. Lets say, you plan to travel in India. You can find on the website a small Indian orphanage that would love to have pencils and notepads for the children. Via the site you can schedule a delivery, buy the items locally (because you know…you can support local merchants) and go donate them yourself. (and of course take 100 of pictures to let social media know that you have a good heart).

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  1. Interessant artikel; growing up in a country that doesn’t exist. Thanks voor de link! En Japan; ik kan me er eigenlijk helemaal niet zo goed een voorstelling van maken. Ben benieuwd naar je ervaringen!

  2. Mercure competition sounds like it could be interesting. Globe Drop is a neat way to help out wherever you may be at in the world as you travel. 🙂

  3. Ahh Japan!! You will enjoy yourself tremendously there 🙂 I’d recommend strolling around Roppongi Hills at night as the view there is beautiful 🙂 Depending on which time in April you’re headed there, you should check out if the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom at that point in time. It’s a sight not to be missed!

    Either ways, I’m sure you’ll love Japan and I’m excited to see your future post about the trip!! 🙂


  4. Awesome post! It’s nice that you’re going to Japan:D Which part of Japan are you going to? xx

  5. Oohh, I’m planning a trip to japan and South Korea for next year! I’ll be looking forward to any tips you might have when you come back. Exciting!

  6. Thank you Tea for mentionning in your Friday Post!
    After travelling to Japan, come to Cebu City Philippines we will tour you around and do some GlobeDrop!