Wanderlist: 15 Things I Want To Do In London

London Wanderlist

You would think that after 1½ years I’ve seen and done everything in the city, but nothing could be further from the truth and my London Wanderlist changes weekly. Here are the top 15 things of the moment.

Have an afternoon tea. This is something I just haven’t come around to doing yet.

See a play at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, I just have to wait till the summer starts and I can grab one of those £5 standing tickets.

Hop on the Cable Car and see the view from that side. The Emirates Air Line takes you from one side of the Thames to the other.

Visit the Mapping the City exhibition at Somerset House because you know … I love maps.

Visit the almighty Tower of London. It’s probably the only major tourist attraction I haven’t been to. In 2015 I must chance that.

See anything at the Royal Albert Hall.

In December Cereal Killer Cafe opened their cereal walhalla doors and I must go asap and have an Unicorn Poop or the one with the Kinder Happy Hippo (which I recently re-discovered in Germany).

See The Book of Mormon. I haven’t been to a musical since Wicked in 2008 because they are not really for me, but this one doesn’t seem to be your average musical.

Stroll around Columbia Road Flower Market.

Find out what Hint Hunt is all about. I’ve heard so much about this escape game and I want to be on the side that knows what it’s about.

See if Tramshed is worth the hype.

Go on an Underground Tunnel tour. They are doing tours at the closed Aldwych Station once a year and I haven’t managed to get tickets because they sell out in seconds (no exaggeration sadly). This is where they filmed bits of Atonement, V for Vendetta and even Sherlock.

Take a photo at Abbey Road…do I even need a reason?

Eat at 64 Degrees which recently opened in London. I went to the Brighton location and loved every bite and besides their food I love that their plates are made to share so you can order more dishes. And this is the perfect solution for someone who can never pick what to have (moi).

Prince Charles Cinema does things like a Mean Girls Quota A Thon and Wes Anderson marathons and I haven’t got around doing any of those. Soooo not fetch of me.

& a happy new year you all!

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  1. Happy New Year to you too – you have some great ideas – I would love to do Aldwych Station too – hope to see you at the end of the Jan !

  2. These are some great London to-do’s! I’m adding seeing the Book of Mormon onto my bucketlist too – but then, I actually love all musicals… #guiltysecret 😉

    Happy New Year!

  3. Great list! I would recommend going for a £15 sitting ticket at the Globe rather than the standing ones, as the plays last for up to 3 hours sometimes!

  4. Unicorn Poop!! WAUW! Ik moet stoppen met jouw blogs lezen want ik wil naar Londen ASAP. Ik bedenk me nu alleen maar wanneer ik het snelst erheen kan gaan. <3
    Klinkt alsof je genoeg te doen hebt het komende jaar! Enjoy 🙂

  5. Oooh!! I’ll be going to London at April-May-ish and this helped me organize my own list of what I want to do while I’m there! Some great ideas, happy new year! xx


  6. I didn’t even know most of the things on your list existed! I would love to go back to London. I hope everything on your wanderlust comes true and that you have an incredible 2015!

  7. I’ve been in London the same amount of time and still have a huge, long list of things I want to see and do. I’ll likely never get through it all, but I guess the point is just to enjoy what I do finish! 🙂

  8. Great bucket list of things to do in London! You should go to the New Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden for afternoon tea it is beautiful in there 🙂 I am still wishing that I could go to the Ritz for afternoon tea though… Maybe one to tick off my list this Spring?

    I was also invited to an event in the Aldwych Station last year and it was great – if you can’t get tickets, see if you can get an invite to an event instead!

    Anyway, good luck with your list xo


  9. I’m so in love with your blog here! I cannot wait to read more posts 🙂
    I could not recommend seeing The Book of Mormon enough – I have never enjoyed a theatre production more in my life… you will smile and laugh from start to finish, it is amazingly catchy and so, so hilarious!!!
    Also as a massive Shakespeare nerd, a trip to the Globe Theatre never goes amiss. Despite how cheap the tickets are, you need a strong posture to stand the entire way through though… last time I was there a girl collapsed in the pit just a metre away from me and had to be taken out – crazy! X


  10. I know what you mean. I have lived in London for over a year now and the only thing on your list that I have done is go to Columbia Flower Market. Which was awesome and you should definitely go. Also check out Whitecross Street Food Market whilst you are around that area. There is some great food there.
    xx Dandy I http://www.dandelionblue.co.uk

  11. I’m afraid I was one of those who snapped up the tickets for the Aldwych tour (I’m going on Valentine’s Day). If you sign up to the Transport Museum mailing list you’ll be first to know when they do it again!