9 Fictional Places I Would Love To Visit

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“Going to watch movies all evening because days like today I need to escape reality” … Is what my MSN status might have been about ten years ago. But even though MSN is long dead *RIP*, I still love being dragged to a new adventure in a fictional country or kingdom far far away! Here are a few of those magical places I would love to visit.

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Does anyone know the owner of the Grand Budapest Hotel in the Republic of Zubrowka? Because I’d really love to get a friendly rate and access to the all hidden secrets! But then again… if it’s in the East Europe it should be affordable. And can I have Mendl’s Pastry from room service?

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Waffles at JJ Diner, drinks at Tom’s Bistro, leaving flowers at the L’ll Sebastian Memorial, a walk in the park and maybe an organised tour through City Hall. Come to think of it, I think Pawnee, Indiana needs it’s own wanderlist post…

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Have a burger at Bob’s Burger and spend a weekend at their Bed & Breakfast. Let’s hope Blue Is The Warmest Cheese Burger or Kales From The Crypt Burger are on the menu for my stay, and of course an extra side of antics!

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In the latest Avengers epic, the superheroes more or less obliterated the fictional country of Sokovia and it hurt because reminds me so much of my home country Bosnia, plus before it got HULK SMASHED and god knows what else thrown at it, it looked like a great place to explore – especially starting with the castle.

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Crowded and expensive theme parks aren’t for me but I would make an exception for Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna from the Jurassic Park series. I mean … Hello! Dinosaurs? And Jeff Goldblum. I’d listen to his lectures on game theory all day…
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Yeah, so seaside Piers are not usually the coolest place to be seen, but send me back to the 2000s, West Coast, sunshine, and Orange Country. If they let me into the Bait Shop, I’d never leave…

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Have a drink at the Mos Eisley Cantina for a quick break on my intergalactic quest … preferably with Han Solo and Chewbacca by my side. How many drinks before I can get Solo to dance with me and forget all about that Princess Leia and her silly hair?

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Drive through Twin Peaks and chow down on a cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee at Double R Diner, and just as I take my first bite, getting sucked into the Laura Palmer mystery. Why not?

fictional places

Coffee and cake at Luke’s Diner? And then attending whatever Stars Hollow has going on? I would love the 24 Hour Dance marathon, but I would probably give up after a few hours and go back to Luke’s for a burger and a drink from Taylor’s Olde Fashion Soda Shoppe.Then head to my bed at the Dragonfly Inn. Were you a Jess, Dean or Logan girl?

Which fictional place would like to be transported to?

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  1. Stars Hollow for sure! I’d be keen to visit Lukes, take in a show at Miss Patty’s and hopefully be invited to the grandparents for dinner! I was a Jess girl – the misunderstood bad boy (swoon).

  2. What a fantastic post!

    Oh, I’m with you – I’d love to visit Pawnee, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Stars Hollow. Was a Jess girl, but I recently re-watched the whole 7 seasons and I think Rory’s deserves better than all three. I’m glad she ended up doing her own thing in the end, made sense!

    Wayfare | Travel & Life Blog

  3. Not to jurassic park, i don’t want to be eaten by dinosaurs! 😉

    Anyway, I really like the fifties vibe in the series ‘The Americans’, so I want to travel back in time to visit!

  4. Haha I was definitely a Jess girl! I would definitely love to go to Luke’s Diner with you 🙂 Did you see the Gilmore Girls reunion recently where they all said whether they were Jess, Dean or Logan fans?! Loved it! And also YES to the Grand Budapest Hotel. Stunning if this was real life…

  5. I love this post. Stars Hollow, for sure for me! I actually don’t really like Dean, Jess or Logan but I think Logan’s the worst. I’d also love to visit Pawnee with all their crazy festivities.

  6. This is such a creative post and idea.
    I would love to visit the The Grand Budapest Hotel too. I just loved that movie.



  7. This is a great list! I would love to visit Pawnee, the Double R Diner, and the Grand Budapest Hotel in particular. I’ve got some serious Parks & Rec nostalgia now!

  8. YES. This. Is. Perfect.
    I’d also love to visit the world of Harry Potter(need to get my ass to that park in the States) and the jungle in Tarzan – it looks almost too perfect

  9. Haha love this post! There are a lot of fictional places I would love to go, of movies and shows. 🙂 And even a lot of places that don’t look like they’re fictional, they are. I heard for example there is no Central Perk in New York, there was only a temporary one with the 20nd birthday of the show 🙁