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My wanderlist changes weekly and ranges from 100 things I still have to do in London all the way to going into outer space. Really, if they asked me to jump on the ship and establish a permanent human settlement on Mars I would do it (but not before I’ve seen all seasons of Breaking Bad). But let’s look at six of my more reasonable destinations …

Bourbon Street, New OrleansBerlin Iceland Vienna Copenhagen Porto

NEW ORLEANS – While most people want to go to New York I have another New as my number one destination. I think it started somewhere when Real World New Orleans was on TV and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I want to see if the bars on Bourbon Street really don’t have locks, learn about the drinking and dining culture, go to a Saints Game while ‘Who Dat’ blasts in the stadium, and yes … I want a day trip to the Swamps. Take me. Now.

BERLIN – a bit more realistic is Berlin. Although I’ve lived in Germany and visited most of the big cities I never made it to the capital in the far east. Stroll around Friedrichstadt, stay in the communist style Ostel Hostel, spend an afternoon at a Flohmarkt, check out an art expo, get a passport stamp at Check Point Charlie and go to the Currywurst Museum … sounds good to me. 
ICELAND – Well … you know: see the Northern lights, take a tour and see the amazing scenery, say hi to the super friendly people (from what I’ve heard), take a Facebook profile worthy photo at the Blue Lagoon, get myself a lopapeysur for the harsh British winter and hope to run into Bjork. 
VIENNA – the main reason Vienna is on my to do list is because I want to see my all time favourite painting – the Kiss by Gustav Klimt. One of my cousins moved there recently and according to her the Freud Museum, MUMOK museum of modern art and the Hundertwasser house have Tea written all over it. And of course I wouldn’t leave the city without a trip on the 19th century Riesenrad – to relive Before Sunrise.
COPENHAGEN –  I always hear Copenhagen is an expensive city, that must be what has put me off so far,  but still a part of me wants to visit this city so badly. I would love to stroll around the city, enjoy the fika culture and go to all the amazing Scandinavian design stores and dream of all the things I’ll never be able to afford.
PORTO –  Though it’s lacking a famous landmark, this is a perfect city for a chill weekend sometime in the autumn/fall season. I imagine a relaxed vibe, catch a bit of sun,  enjoy good food and wine. Sometimes it’s just good to go somewhere and wander around. And apparently it’s cheap … which is always good.
What is on your wanderlist?

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  1. Great list! I can’t wait to go to Berlin again. Iceland is definitely on my list too. I really want to go to Copenhagen, but the price has put me off too! 🙂

  2. You and I seem to have similar travel style! Berlin is my favorite city in the world, GO THERE NOW! and Iceland was amazing, and Vienna is one of my go to places in Europe. I checked out Mumok this past May, and I will say it is a collection not to miss! Copenhagen is high on my list as well. If you like the feel of cool, northern, artistic cities, I will also recommend Seattle to you. To me, Seattle was the only place I have been to in North America that reminded me of Berlin in any sort of way, and I LOVED IT!

  3. If you ever visit Berlin, you know where to find me 🙂
    And Iceland seems so magical, can’t wait until I get there!

  4. What a cool list. I’m totally with you for Vienna. And New Orleans is number one on my list of places to visit in the US!! It just seems to have so much to offer – history, jazz, culture, food.

  5. NEW ORLEANS!! That’s so funny – it’s the same thing with me, ever since all TV series, like American Horror Story, have been using New Orleans as their city I’ve been wanting to go there.
    Do you need a travel buddy?! 🙂 These are pretty much the exact places I’d love to visit.
    Love your blog.

    xx Cheyenne

  6. Iceland is definitely on my wanderlist – the hot springs, the scenery, the Northern Lights. It looks like the perfect place for a long weekend.

    Sometime Traveller

  7. Berlin was amazing when I went last month. There is so much to see and do. It’s such an interesting city. Hope you get the chance to visit sometime!

  8. Porto is such a fabulous city for a casual weekend break, just visited last month and loved the city so much! Vienna, the home to some of the best cake you will eat in Europe – you have a great wanderlist going on there! xx

  9. Ohh, Iceland is in my list. Has been for a very long time. I keep going other places, wth?

    I’ve been to Vienna. Such a pretty city. I was so mad at the museum entry price, I didn’t go in. But then I’m not a huge fan of The Kiss so I could live with that. I hope you can go and see it up close (my brother did go into the museum and he says it’s biiiiiiig).

  10. Love this. I have literally just blogged about Berlin inc the Berlin Wall. It’s a great place! Bonitarochelle.co.uk