Awesome Things I’ve Seen and Done In London That You Should Do Too

to do London

Here are some more things I’ve seen, done, ate and drunk that you might want to do too in London, with everything from delicious street food burgers to the cheapest vintage store in the capital.

to do LondonYUMCHAA –  sell lots of different types of tea, with many interesting flavours which you can smell and examine before deciding on which one to add to your mug. It’s a place for all you tea lovers and creatives who need WiFi and a desk. Or nice couches to crash on. Don’t expect this tea shop to sell typical British tea with milk. They do pretty good muffins too.

to do LondonHORNIMAN MUSEUM & GARDENS – a quirky/kitschy museum in the south of London: a collection of dried insects, a lot of stuffed animals, musical instruments from all around the world and African and South American anthropology … Just how museums used to be like. Another thing I love is how you can pick up, try on and play with some of the objects.  It’s a bit out of Central London, so it might not be an ideal hotspot for your first visit, but definitely hop on the bus if you are visiting the city for a second or third time. Make sure to go up the hill for an amazing view over central London – which is also home to a mini food market on the weekend.

to do LondonBLEECKER ST BURGER – now there are quite a few places where you can get a good burger but Bleecker St is pretty exceptional: juicy meat, perfect buns, perfect melted cheese and no over the top toppings … Food wagon wise my favourite burgers. They are brought to you by Americans and they sure know how to make them. You will find them in Spittalfields Market … just look for the rather long queue.

to do LondonEAST END THRIFT STORE – I love me some vintage and for that Brick Lane is heaven … but a bit expensive for my liking. You can’t image how excited I was when someone told me about East End Thrift Store: one of London’s biggest and cheapest vintage store where you can fill bag of clothes for just £10 … yes please. Near Whitechapel station, but still hidden away in an old garage it is one hell of an hidden gem for vintage lovers.  I should add that this is the kind of place where you have to go through boxes of 80s/90s clothes for the best finds, so if you are looking for last season’s Alexander McQueen collection, this might not be the place for you.

to do LondonST. PAUL’s CATHEDRAL – one of my favourite buildings in London and you’ll be in awe for the whole visit. And yes, I think it’s worth the entrance fee: you will get to see the stunning interior of the cathedral, check out if the whispering gallery in the dome actually works and enjoy the view if you can make it to the top (the stairs are a bit steep, particularly towards the summit).

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  1. Oh I love Bleecker Street Burger so much, I’m so pleased they’re in Spitalfields as it’s walking distance from my house. So much closer than their last residency on the South Bank.

  2. There is a great view from One New Change opposite St. Paul’s – up on the roof terrace. Really lovely place for a drink!
    I love these posts, I’ve recently moved to London so they’re very useful!

  3. awesome choices! Love the view from St Pauls too! Thanks for the BLEECKER ST BURGER suggestion, need to try out

  4. Hallo again 🙂
    One more great post for my most favourite place….London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally agree about St. Paul’s Cathedral!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very beautiful building inside/out….one of my favourite,too!
    I visited it, last Christmas, and…(I can’t describe my feelings with words)..I was lucky being a part of an evening prayer with carols…..it was magical!!!!! I felt so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so calm!!!! next time I will climp the dome..
    Horniman museum & gardens,Bleecker St burger and East End thrift store are in my “next visit” list!!

  5. I would really love to like tea, I just don’t! Maybe Yumccha is where I need to go to find the tea for me 🙂 I love St. Paul’s Cathedral but I think Buckingham Palace will always be my favourite building in London 🙂

    Heather x

  6. Amazing tips! I really want to visit the tea and burger places now, they look like they’re made for me.

  7. side note: Your name is tea!?! your full first name!? I can’t think of anything cuter.

  8. I have been meaning to go and find this thrift store near whitechapel! I will now make it my goal to go this month! looks amazing! I love this post, even though i live in london i still think i got a lot of exploring to do.