Cabin X Staycation Review: What to Expect, Pack, and Do On Your Weekend Getaway

Staying At Cabin X

I came across Cabin X on Instagram, but this was back when Instagram would target you with actual good things, and it ended up on my to-go list. It was the bathroom photos that made me click and in July I finally got to check it out.

While my previous cabin stays had been in tiny houses, this was a converted shed originally used for children to play in, and it definitely felt more spacious. I was impressed with the setup of the cabin and the woodland setting had me in awe. And obviously, it takes being an architect to come up and execute that amazing bathroom.

Cabin X is part of Architects Holiday, who provide unique and tailored cabins in East Sussex. On the same premises, there is a more luxurious cabin with a hot tub and 5 other ones are planned. They’re all themed (Yoga Cabin, Cooks Cabin, Off-Grid Cabin, Architects Cabin, Musicians Cabin) so there’s more than enough reasons to come back to check them out in different seasons.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

Where is Cabin X Located?

It’s located in Catsfield, which is just outside Battle. There are a few other train stations in the area making it super easy to reach by train from various locations! The train from London Bridge takes 1.5 hours and the taxi takes less than 15 minutes.

In a corner of Great Park Farm you’ll find Cabin X surrounded by trees, ferns and a grass patch and looks out onto the woods and a lake.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

What’s Inside The Cabin?

The good thing is that all your essentials are covered. Here is everything you can expect in your cabin:

There is a double bed with a comfy mattress and pillows. Next to the bed is a small table and two chairs. There is also a heater and fan. You can keep yourself entertained with the radio and games. You’ll also find plugs on this side of the cabin.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

There is a stocked kitchenette with a sink, gas hobs and a mini fridge & freezer shelf. The fridge is tiny, so don’t bring too much. I had to play Tetris to make the food I bought for 2 days + the breakfast items all fit in!

You’ll also find cooking essentials like plates, pots and cutlery, as well as bottle openers, matches and wine glasses.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

They provide basic ingredients such as olive oil, salt, pepper, and sugar in the cabin. Nespresso coffee machine as well as coffee & tea if you want to get your caffeine fix on.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

Cabin X GPF Catsfield Bathroom

Now let’s talk about the full ensuite bathroom! The unique selling point with big windows on both sides makes it feel like it’s huge. It comes with a flushing toilet (which is pretty luxurious compared to other cabins and tiny houses I’ve been to) and a walk-in rain shower! They also provide towels and shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Aaaand there is also a hair dryer.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

Outside the cabin, you’ll find a fire pit with a grilling grate, two chairs and little side tables. There is also wood for the fire pit and an axe for chopping if you want to bring out your inner lumberjack.

Also included with your stay is a delicious breakfast, it comes with granola, yogurt, milk, freshly baked bread, fruit and jam. And you can pre-order BBQ, picnic and food hampers. Or you can head up the hill and shop at the well-stocked farm shop.

What To Pack For the Cabin?

While the cabin does come equipped with all the goods, aside from the usual thing things you’d bring with you I can also recommend you bring these with you:

Sleeping mask – the idea of waking up when the sun comes up is nice, but unless you want to join the 5 AM club, bring a sleeping mask!

Slippers – it’s a take-off outdoor shoes when entering the cabin type of place so having slippers you can quickly put on when walking outside is essential.

Blanket/large scarf – just to lay down on the grass outside the cabin really, there are chairs but sometimes you just want to lay down and take it all in.

A book or two… – there are a few books in the cabin, but it’s always nice to bring one you’ve been meaning to finish

Herbal tea – especially if you’re not a fan of Earl Grey or Breakfast Tea.

Bug spray – if you’re going in the warmer months as the cabin is near a pond

Wellies & a torch – as recommended by AH themselves

Things to Do Around & Near Cabin X

There is a printed guide inside the cabin with tips on local walking trails, pubs, and restaurants. Some of the things you can do are:

Walks & Hikes
You’ll find a few short, easy hikes around the farm and the nearby woods. You can also walk to Battle to check out the historic 1066 battle ground area.

Other Activities
You can also book activities & experiences such as horseback riding and a cooking class.

Battle 1666

Take A Day Trip
Or how about day trips to Battle for history, Hastings for the beach, or Rye for the cosy vibe.

No Nothing!
Last but not least, something you can do is … absolutely nothing!

Anything else you need to know?

There are no supermarkets in Catsfield so either bring your food, drinks and snacks or get it in Battle (there is a Coop and a Jempsons’ Local). Alternatively, you can pre-order with Architects Holiday or shop at the Great Farm Shop (which is on the same premises as the cabin).

The cabin is set in a very peaceful place, but it’s not secluded! The parking for the nearby Great Farm Shop and Nursery is on the corner and you’ll hear cars coming and going in the morning and evening.

Dogs are not allowed at Cabin X, which is actually great if you have an allergy!

There is no WiFi in the cabin, but the reception was ok. If you really need it, you can make use of the WiFi at the Great Park Farm cafe.

Cabin X GPF Catsfield

How Long Should I Stay?

Two nights is their minimum. Depending on what you are after, consider a third night. I’ve learned from various tiny house stays that 3 nights is the perfect number to disconnect and not feel too rushed.

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