Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done in January

And that was January! Usually, it’s the month I dread most as it’s slow and depressing, but a last-minute holiday to a sunny destination definitely changed my outlook. Here is what went down in January!

The final chestnut roasting for the season! Chestnuts are in my top 3 snacks (and maybe food in general). I had long ago roasted the ones I picked in October, but they were in my Oddbox and Lidl had an offer so I made heartily good use of that with my little outdoor barbeque.

hidden camberwell mews

Then it was just lots of work, work, and walks around the area. Sometimes it feels like I’ve seen everything my local area has to offer, but then I have the enjoyment of coming across a hidden corner I had completely forgotten about.

I then headed to Tenerife for 10 days. The main reason? It was the sunniest European destination and literally, every fiber of me called for that. So I shoved my principle of not flying and booked a flight. Only one week ahead, despite the rising cases everywhere, I felt like being selfish and just went for it. I worked from there a few days before my friends from the Netherlands came and I logged off for 8 whole days to explore what the island had to offer.

I also did something that has been on my to-do list for a long long time… surfing! It was the second time I was on a board and it went ok, I booked a private lesson for a little reminder on how it all worked, I then got to try it on my own for a bit. I mean I could stand for half a second before the wave caught me.

I know Tenerife is known as a package holiday destination, but there is so much more to the island, look at all of the above and tell me you expected that to be Tenerife: from Tenerife’s own Machu Picchu to historic town centers and rocky deserts.

calima on tenerife

Not all was well! The Calima – a sandstorm from the Sahara desert – hit the island, meaning the place was covered in haze and super windy. It felt so surreal, especially since it was there all of a sudden. But that too disappeared on day 9 and we got an afternoon at the beach. All pictures are un-editted.

Back in London – all freshly recharged – I headed to Knole Park for a walk. I got to cross off another stop on my London Blackfriars to Sevenoaks walking routes challenge. It’s compact but has some beautiful views with deer galore, and I can’t wait to go back in Summer and Autumn to see what it looks like then. And possibly also visit Knole House.

pizza pilgrim by post

Though London is all open now, I’m making use of DIY food kits, like this Pizza by Mail from Pizza Pilgrims. I’m not usually a big fan of tomato base pizzas, but will have the Pizza Pilgrim one anytime and I managed to re-create the perfect one at home.

I hit the local charity shops and came across this mid-century table that I’ve been dreaming about ever since.

I closed the month off with another type of roast: a good old Sunday Roast, this one was at No 32 The Old Town in Clapham. If you find yourself in London (or the UK) on a Sunday and want to go for a roast, make sure you go early or your favourite one might be sold out and you’re left with only one option.

What have you been getting up to in the first month of the year?

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