Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done in London That You Should Do Too

to do tips london

Now the days are colder and shorter all I want to do after work is go home and curl up with Netflix and Chill Earl Grey. But that isn’t always socially acceptable, so I once in a while I do go out and try something new, so here are some awesome things I’ve seen and done (more like places I had a bite or two).

to do tips london

I am passing on one the best favourite budget tips I was given: BiBimBap in Soho. It’s the ultimate South Korean rice bowl topped with vegetables, meat or tofu and an egg topped off with various sauces. All that and a drink for just under £10 in Soho – you feel like you’re ripping them off! The walls are also plastered with super happy instant film shots of their customers, so you can’t help but smile.

to do tips london

Looking for a caffeine hit in Angel? Check out Saint Espresso for your latest fix: they serve a mean sencha tea, make the best chocolate chip cookies in London and according to my co-workers the coffee definitely hits the spot. It has a raw, concrete and unfinished vibe and I absolutely love it.

to do tips londonHoi Polloi under Ace Hotel used to be the hottest place in town (well in Shoreditch) until people grew tired of the crowds and rushed off to the next best thing. But this doesn’t mean their food has got any less tasty, and though the menu might need a translator (what is sorrel, dulce, purslane??) it all tastes so good you don’t care that you can’t pronounce it. I prefer their breakfast and lunch over the dinner, but you can’t really go wrong with any of their menu items, and the menu looks so stylish you’ll want to steal it for your website theme.

Most of the photography exhibitions I’ve been to lately haven’t sparked my interest and I almost didn’t go to Noémie Goudal’s Southern Light Stations exhibition at the The Photographers Gallery because of this. I’m very glad I did though because I was blown away by the intriguing pieces, the photos felt like another world, and even went twice. You can visit it till January 2016.

to do tips londonWhen I heard that matcha ice cream, french toast and chicken wings were all available at the same place, I took a mental note to try Shackfuyu one day and oh boy was it good. I’m not a fan of chicken wings, but this place converted me and has definitely claimed its place on my must-eat list. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but worth it if you’re over eating Asian cheap take away, because life is too short not to treat yourself and stuff your face with ice cream.

to do tips londonCentral & Co sits opposite Liberty and Carnaby Street – usually not my favourite places to go. But I’d stick around here if there were more places like this. I give it the Tea stamp for approval: it’s reasonably priced (for where it is), great service (once they notice you) and exciting menu (why the hell have I never put ricotta on pancakes?!). They also do brunch, dinner and drinks and all that fizzle, but more importantly their toilets have a Monkey gone to Heaven poster in them – both for the Pixies song and the actual simian heroes who went into orbit.

What awesome things have you been up to?

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  1. Some great picks here Tea! I love Bibimbap but I thought that they had closed as I went twice and found the whole street sort of abandoned to construction works near around Tottenham Court Road. Is it the same place that has moved? If so, that would be AMAZING! Do let me know x

  2. Yum, all those dishes look deeelish. A friend of mine is headed to the UK for a couple months for work — I’m going to share this post with her so she can try some stuff off the beaten path. Cheers!

    Carla | http://hellocarbar.com