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Aaaaah Aruba…the little dot on a map in the Caribbean (and as an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands I feel super related to it) has been on my Wanderlist since I watched a segment on it on a kids travel show that used to air in the Netherlands in the 90s. This one is for the Dutchies: how many of you wanted to win that Cartoon Express train with your name on it?

Anyhow … what is it about Aruba? Sun, sea and beaches of course. But there is more to that and today I am sharing my wanderlist with you:

  • I have to start with a walk on the beach every morning just so I can realize I am not dreaming. Hell, maybe I’ll throw in a walk in the evening breeze too.
  • I can only but imagine that Aruba is the perfect place to snorkel and spot Nemo and co chilling out between takes filming the new Pixar sequel, and whoever lives in the bluest ocean these days.
  • I’d also go stare at the Old Dutch Windmill from the 1800s that was shipped piece by piece and reconstructed on Aruba in the 1960s. Guess the Dutch really missed those windmills – I can’t imagine the postage costs were cheap!
  • I am obsessed with everything aloe related and the Aloe Museum and Factory sounds amazing. I’m going to need a lot of suitcases to stock on all of their beauty and care products – can’t get them fresher.
  • Visit the charming looking Alta Vista chapel on the north coast.
  • I normally can’t be bothered to lay down and relax at the beach (there is too much to eat, pray and love see, eat and do), but I honestly think I could make an exception for Aruba. I would roll from one beach to another. Yeah.
  • Climb the unusual Ayo Rock formation – leftovers of The Arawak people (the earliest settlers of the island) who used it so that they could hear incoming thunderstorms closing in on the island – hopefully I won’t be seeing any dark clouds on my trip!
  • Take an overload of snaps of everything from the coloured houses to the famous Dividivi tree and spam Instagram with it.
  • How about eat all the food?! I’ve heard amazing things about The Screaming Eagle and Papiamento and the photos that I found on Instagram screamed for a visit.
  • Yoga on the beach? Is that happening? If yes, then I am definitely in.
  • Get very excited when I spot one of the wild animals like iguanas, flamingos and snakes that are wandering around the island, maybe I’ll find a spirit animal iguana.
  • Visit Nationaal Park Arikok with it’s wonderful flora and fauna. And while I am there I should check out the caves with its paintings and bats.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to dream away here.

Who is with me? and what’s your dream 

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