2015 Definites


In 2015 I will …

… Stress about the fact that my laptop is acting up and I don’t have an up-to-date back up

…Start something and not finish it

…Eat at this place and claim it’s my favourite new thing for a couple of months

… Spend way too much time surfing on the internet and reading useless facts that I will use in daily life. Did you know Ralph Lauren’s son married a woman named Lauren?

… Probably visit my family and friends in the Netherlands

… Spend too much money on an expensive impulsive buy and live on bread and peanut butter for the rest of the month

… Cry during all the final episodes of my favourite shows

… Write a text/mail about someone and accidentally send to that person

… Miss the bus or train because I am really good at it or because I forgot to top up my Oyster

… Slip in a public place and make sure there is a huge crowd to see it

… Will probably go through a lot of headphones … they are the same as socks, I just don’t know where they keep disappearing to

… Cry in the shower while listening to The National

… Wear something that is the IT fashion must have of the moment and after three months realise I did not wear it well at all

… Go to the supermarket and forget the one thing I went to the supermarket for

… Come across a new TV show that I am will binge watch

… Deal with grown up house stuff like leaking bathrooms, mice and blocked sinks. And then when I fix one of those things I will have this feeling of power

… Have a few sleepless nights because I over analyse things

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  1. Now that sounds like a realistic list of things that’ll happen in 2015!
    I really like this approach of looking at things, it’s quite refreshing compared to all the same old new years resolutions nobody actually manages to live by! 😀

  2. Haha, this is too funny! This is basically my list too!
    It was only earlier that I tweeted about not bothering with making unrealistic resolutions this year; I know I’m not the only person that never sticks to them!

    {Drops of Brandy}


  3. Haha! I can see myself doing several of these…

  4. These will happen for sure! But isn’t it kind of awesome? 😀 I can sign under most of these… they are so universal.

  5. Haha, great post! A lot of it sounds familiar, especially the one about losing your headphones. Mine keep disappearing in the gym. So annoying.

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