My 2022 Travel & Wander List

I know I’ve already mentioned some of my travel goals for the year in the 22 for 2022 post. But in that post I kept it to the most realistic ones.
Today I want to share my full list looking at the UK, Europe and rest of the world destinations that are on my radar for 2022.

UK – City Trips AND City Escapes

I want to do a day trip to Liverpool, I’ve mentioned it a number of times but it’s the last big UK city that I have not visited. I’m ready for cheesy Beatles tours, museum hopping and vintage shopping.

The sleeper train is also still a bucket list item. I’m seeing a lot of ads for the Caledonian train, but I really really want to go to Cornwall as I’ve never been to that part of the UK. I’m mainly interested in going to the Eden Project and just walking around for the day, as well as hitting up Tintagel, seaside towns and some beaches.

I also want to do a few cabin trips. They keep sprouting up and I’m still trying to decide on the setting. I hope to find one near a lake and one up on a mountain – I’ll settle for a hill.

paris parijs
EUROPE – France! Spain!

I want to go chase the sun at the end of January. It looks like it’s going to be Tenerife as it’s supposed to be the warmest European location with the most sunny hours. Not sure if it’s a good idea with the rates of the current variant, but one can still dream of soaking up the sun.

Did you know that there is a direct train from Paris to Barcelona? When I saw they had a ridiculously cheap deal on SNCF I booked a Paris – Barcelona return ticket for early May. It takes under 7 hours which means you can have lunch in Paris and dinner in Barcelona. I have been to Barcelona twice, but there is still enough I haven’t seen and done. Maybe this time I will make it inside the Segrada Familia.

And while I’m in Paris why not add a day or two extra in the city? There are still quite a lot of things I want to see, like going inside the Sacre Coeur, exploring Parc des Butte Chaumonts and seeing Mona Lisa.

I’m sure there will be a few trips to the Netherlands as well. Aside from seeing family, friends and eating all of the food, I also want to hit up the Floriade Expo, visit a new city and perhaps even start my first route of the Pieterpad walking route while I’m there.

REST OF WORLD – Japan? Australia? Canada?
 This one obviously depends on a lot of things, but I’d like to include them in the name of manifestation.

There are very early-stage plans to go back to Japan with a friend. It would be interesting to revisit some of my favourite places and see a lot of new ones! As Japan is still closed for tourists, this is a wild card.

If that doesn’t work out I’m opting to go visit a friend near Adelaide. She moved there a few years ago, got married, and had a child all before I could have visited her. Plus, I haven’t been to South West Australia so that could be an adventure all in itself.

Then there is an option to visit family on the west coast of Canada, which would give me the chance to go to Vancouver as well, maybe even Seattle? We’ll see what happens.

What are your 2022 travel plans?

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