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Going out to your favourite restaurant, drinks at the pub and a quick coffee and cake may be on pause at the moment, but leave it to London’s hospitality industry to adapt and bring us selected no-contact deliveries.

By now a lot of cafes and restaurants have switched to take-away or home delivery – but don’t just rely on Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo – also check out social channels for local deals in your area. I’ve put together a list of my favourites, as well as recommendations from actual locals.


Patty & Bun have teamed up with HG Walter to bring you a lockdown cook-at-home pack of their must-have burgers. You get the ingredients, the recipe and if you do it right the only things you need to add yourself are tomatoes, lettuce…and maybe a chef’s hat! Order your lockdown kit here – they are sold out quickly, but generally get back in stock soon after.

The Cheese Bar first brought us the Cheese Bar, then the Cheese Conveyor Belt and now a Cheese Truck to deliver us self-isolation survival kits with cheese, wine and charcuterie. Check here when they deliver to your area and how you can get a hold out their essential kit.

Though Fuckoffee is closed they still offer their roasting and shipping, so we can get hold of one of the essentials to survive the day. They have a one-off, weekly and monthly options. You can check them here.


Lumberjack – Camberwell / Peckham
My local Lumberjack delivers my essentials: bread, eggs and almond croissants. But they also offer a selection of coffee beans, vegetables and beers. What I love most is their Pay It Forward where you can buy a meal for an NHS worker, which they delivery daily to the local hospital. The best part though? You can pay it forward and donate a lunch no matter your location. Jump online, put in your order and get giving.

Sift Cakes – Kew / Richmond / Teddington / Chiswick / South Ealing
In case you can’t get flour to bake yourself, your banana bread doesn’t turn out too great, or don’t have the time to bake, send yourself a baked treat to go with your coffee. For a less guilty option, they also offer a vegetable/fruit box. See here how you can order.

Snackbar – Dalston / Hackney
Snackbar have a weekly menu and the people of Dalston are lucky to have this a go-to place for a healthy and flavour-filled offer without the hassle. Stay up to date on what they offer here.

Luca’s – East Dulwich / Peckham
Luca’s sells a selection of flour, eggs, milk and butter. You can also order dry pasta, tea boxes and coffee beans. Check their Facebook page for the latest offers and how to order.

Aneto Cafe – East Dulwich / Peckham
I’ve seen a wide range of things popping up on their Facebook, including a wine and cheese comfort box, pastries and bread. Have a look on how to get your delivery straight to your door here.

Birdhouse – Clapham / Wandsworth
The Clapham based coffee shop is offering local pickup and delivery of their sandwiches and mouth-wateringly-good pastries! Keep an eye on their Facebook for the most up to date opening times and menu offerings.

I’ll keep updating this list, so keep checking on how you can support your locals.

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