23 Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done In 2023

I’ve seen and done quite a few awesome things that are not on my 2023 list, but still wanted to highlight them because they have been on a ‘someday list’, so that still counts, right?

While I have made progress with the 23 for 2023, there were a bunch of awesome things that weren’t actually on the list. Either because they were not on my radar or because they were on my ‘maybe someday list’. So, bear with me, but here are my 23 Reverse Bucket List Items For 2023.


Passed probation at my new job, with exciting developments ahead as I make the role my own.

I also celebrated 10 whole years in London! Which was much longer than the intended ”Summer of 2013”…


I went ice-skating on a rooftop. Now it wasn’t the best ice-skate rink in London, but I’ve finally enjoyed the views while gliding around on the ice and crossed it off my list.

The Wallace Collection had one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen in ages: Dogs In Paintings was everything I wanted and much more – a round of apaws for those immortalised pups.

I climbed the Elizabeth Tower to see Big Ben up close and stand next to it as the famed clock bell hit the hour. It was one of my favourite things to do, except for the Covid that I got afterwards.

Saw the My Neighbour Totoro play. I was so sad when I missed out on tickets during the last run and I was so happy that I made it this time.

Saw the Asteroid City Exhibition with props, costumes and sets from Wes Anderson’s movie. 50s fashion is one of my favourites and I especially loved seeing the costumes up close, so much detail!

Earlier in the year I had a beekeeper-tasting afternoon and learned so much about those hard working furry little guys, I hope to do a proper beekeeping course in the future.

New York, Tokyo and Other Trips

I finally saw Van Gogh’s Starry Night up close on an impromptu trip to New York. It was everything I wanted it to be. I also loved seeing other paintings like Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, Magritte’s Lovers and Rousseau’s The Dream, something about seeing them in person that really does it for me.

And while I was there I also had to see what was at the MET. I got to see most of it, but it needs a re-visit in the future as I feel I barely scratched the surface!

I went to both Disney and DisneySea in Tokyo. It was not something that I thought I’d do anytime soon, but I had fun exploring both parks and I do understand why people go over and over again. 

Saw Mount Fuji! Last time I was in Japan, it was too cloudy for a view, but this time I saw it when I went on a day trip outside Tokyo and again a few days later I saw it from my hotel room. Maybe next time I will even get closer.

At last I watched Studio Ghibli’s Koro’s Day Out short film that’s usually only screened at the Museum and Theme Park. Have wanted to see this lost puppy adventure film for ages!

On my way back from Japan I flew over the North Pole and saw the ice from the plane, quite breathtaking.

Saw The National live again! This time at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Plus, I got all the Sad Dads merch to extend the concert feel for months to come.

Explored the local region in my motherland. I usually tend to just go to my nearest city, but I took the time to explore some of the attractions further away.

In Paris I also climbed the Sacré-Cœur and enjoyed the Paris skyline. It was interesting seeing the old views and not just new emerging high rises like in London.

All The Good Food

Didn’t expect to find good tacos in NYC, but Los Tacos No. 1 proved me wrong. After a long day of sightseeing, it really hit the spot.

Had the most satisfying meal at The Winding Stairs in Dublin. I only learned afterward that it also has a bookshop on the ground level that I’ll definitely be visiting next time I’m there. I blame myself for being hangry, which meant I didn’t notice it.

Went back for Okonomiyaki at Sometarō. Just like last time it was my first meal and no doubt I’ll go again next time to get my savoury pancake fix.

Pollette’s in Paris hosted my best birthday dinner ever – simple, butter-laden dishes but so incredibly tasty. I’d go back for any occasion if I lived in the city.

I also revisited Momofuku in New York. Loved the noodles, but it was the Miso White Chocolate Cheesecake that was one of my favourite desserts of the year. 

Finally satisfied my cherry blossom soft serve craving from 2015. So soft, so delicious! Hopefully won’t be another 8 years!

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