2023 OUTS: 23 Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2023

On the last day of the year I like to write down all the things I’m leaving behind and that no longer serve my health and happiness… It’s like my own version of a burn book – except I am simply letting these things go with love rather than bitterness.

Daily Coffee
That I replaced with Matcha, but that’s another story. I was not dependent on coffee, but noticed it made me jittery. So after I recovered from covid I decided it was better to not start with it again. I do get an iced latte once in a while, but apart from that I have not had the urge. 

Being My Own Worst Enemy
Because I’m really good at that. But I have a few things in place that will hopefully help me with that. This year taught me the importance of asserting my needs and not apologising for taking up space.

Keeping Nice Things For Special Occasions
In the same vein, I’m letting go of the tendency to save nice things “for special occasions.” Whether it was a special edition candle, festive tights and fancy tea…I’m going to find more enjoyment in using my favourite things regularly.

Saving Money Over Saving Time When Travelling 
This year taught me just to pay a little extra for direct routes – it’s worth it to avoid lengthy layovers and hotel costs.

Buying Cheap
Nor will I miss buying cheap versions of items that later needed replacing. Paying twice is never ideal, so I’m shifting to quality over quantity.

Overspending On ‘Vintage’ Items
The same goes for “vintage” finds that ended up not being true vintage at all. I tend to panic buy because I’m conscious of missing out on it. Lesson learned for the future.

Comparing My Timeline
On a personal development note, I’m leaving behind harmful comparison habits, like measuring my own timeline against others. Just because my path is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Waiting For Motivation
I’m leaving behind waiting for motivation to strike before taking action. This year I’ve learned to focus on building habits and consistency rather than relying and waiting for motivation. Which brings me to …

Rushing Into Things
I won’t miss impulsively rushing into decisions or situations without thinking them through. In 2024 I’ll remember to pause, reflect, and consider before moving forward.

Not Celebrating Wins
Big or small, I want to celebrate my wins and accomplishments rather than brushing past them. Taking joy in the progress made will hopefully help motivate me further.

More Than 2 Drinks on A Night Out
I’m at the age that I can’t handle more than two drinks so to protect myself for the day after I need to keep it to max two drinks.

Allowing Others To Take Advantage
I won’t let others take advantage of my time and energy when it crosses my boundaries. I’ll get better at saying no when needed and being selective about how I spend my resources.

Added Sugar
I’m keeping my sugar habit in 2023, well at least 70% of it as I’ve noticed it affects my hormones. XXL Moderation will be the name of the game going forward.

Late Nights 
My erratic sleep schedule meant too many late nights and groggy mornings. Establishing an earlier, more consistent bedtime will be a priority.

Excessive Phone Use 
Mindless scrolling ruled my free time the last few months. Going forward, I’ll be more mindful of phone use and set limits to be more present. Quality over quantity when it comes to screen time

Bottling Up My Feelings 
When stressed or upset, I tend to internalise rather than vocalise. Continuing to express emotions in a healthy way will be better moving forward.

Shying Away From Taking Risks
Stepping outside my comfort zone more often will help me grow. I don’t want to miss out on experiences out of fear.

My Fear Of Missing Out On Travel
When I see friends jetting off on exotic vacations, I feel anxious and left behind. But there are so many different ways to travel and experience new cultures! In 2024 I’ll explore local gems and appreciate microadventures without FOMO of faraway lands.

My Bad Habit Of Hitting Snooze
Every morning it’s the same old routine – alarm goes off and I hit snooze again and again. Before I know it, I’m rushing around in a panic trying to get ready in time. The snooze button addiction stops now! I’m getting up right away to start my mornings off stress-free.

The Last Season Of That Show
You know the one show that started out so strong but is now just spinning its wheels, past its prime. As much as I want to see how it ends, watching it has become a joyless chore. I choose to remember the good times and finally say goodbye to this show before it completely jumps the shark!

The Guilt Of Not Staying In Touch
I feel bad about losing contact with certain friends over the years. But dwelling on the past won’t rebuild those bridges. It’s time to forgive myself and focus my energy on nurturing the connections I have now.

Feeling Like Every Day Has To Be Productive
Because it doesn’t, ok. It’s fine. I need to give myself permission to relax and recharge where needed, without feeling guilty. Listening to my body and taking care of my mental health will enable me to be more productive in the long run.

Anxiety Cancelling Plans
This one will need the most work, especially during my SAD months, but I really want to stop making excuses and push myself to show up, even when it’s uncomfortable. The connections and memories are worth it.

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