Places To Eat Near Victoria Station

restaurant near victoria station

There’s more to Victoria than just people rushing for their train home, tourists trying to find the bus station or the odd musical theatre production. The neighbourhood is becoming more and more alive and a lot of restaurants are opening up in the area which can get a little overwhelming. So to help sift through it all, I’ve narrowed it down with some of my favourite restaurant picks in Victoria.

Restaurants Near Victoria Station

restaurant near victoria station

Victoria Food Hall

This place is a food hall paradise and the perfect spot if you’re looking for a place to eat near Victoria Station. I’ve seen people take their parents (perfect as you can immediately but them back on the train home afterwards) friends (the more friends the more food preferences) and dates (a crucial test to see if they’re willing to share their food) there. So far I’ve tried three places:

D/F Tacos

When the craving for Mexican food strikes (only every other day!) head to D/F Tacos in Market Hall Victoria. So far their steak taco and tortillas are my favourite, but I haven’t yet made my way through the whole menu.

Soft Serve Society

My favourite soft serve place is now also in Victoria! The ice cream comes in flavours like matcha, coconut or good old vanilla that you can top off with strawberry crunch, pocky sticks or salted caramel sauce for the perfect treat..

In and around the wider Victoria area you’ll also find:

Hermanos For The Best Coffee In The Area

From latte to mochas and espresso … When it comes to coffee Hermandos has your back. I’ve overheard people who work in the Westminster area who come down get their coffee there.

Iris & June

Victoria is always packed so it can be nice to find somewhere nice in one of the side streets. This modern independent cafe’s salad boxes are probably my favourite in all of London, as they mix unique ingredients that go so well together.
restaurant near victoria station

Bleecker Street For Burger

American burger lovers … this one is for you. Bleecker Street can do no wrong with their juicy meat, perfect buns, perfect melted cheese and no over the top toppings. The real king of burgers.

Aster for a Prosecco Saturday Brunch

When Aster just opened it had Nordic-French dishes like salmon hot dogs, celeriac and flower cocktails on the menu for a friendly price. Now its turned into your go-to Saturday brunch spot with saver picks like smoked salmon, cauliflower steak and quinoa salads.

Where To Eat In Nova, Victoria

restaurant near victoria station

Bone Daddies Nova For Ramen

This ever-expanding chain is the best place to get your ramen slurp on, or if that’s not your bowl, then their poke, bao buns (my fave) and katsu curry are well-worthwhile alternatives to chow down on.

Timmy Green For Lunch

Leave it to the Australians to make sure Victoria has a respectful brunch spot! This upmarket food bistro, part of the Aussie Daisy Green group is one of my faves, especially their Sweetcorn Fritters and Banana Bread sandwich, while their outdoor seating is a nice plus too. Don’t forget to grab a Lemington to go!
Ole & Steen Nova

Whether you’re after a rye sandwich, salmon salad or Scandinavian-style cakes, Ole & Steen got you covered. But the real reason you venture here is their delicious cinnamon swirl, seriously go in and try – you won’t regret it.
restaurant near victoria station
If that wasn’t enough, you can also find major chains nearby such as the Ivy, Shake Shack, Crosstown Donuts and Wagamama in case you don’t feel like trying something new. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll find all the usual chains at Victoria Station. From Tortilla to Wasabi and Leon, McDonald’s to Subway and Starbucks.

Best Places To Eat in Belgravia

Around Victoria, you’ll also find the below gems. Now, it’s technically Belgravia territory, in case that upsets someone, but still a short walk from Victoria Station.

Olivino Deli/Wine Shop For Sandwiches

Yes, this is an Italian wine shop / deli, but their main attraction is their freshly made ciabatta sandwiches, filled with everything from mozzarella and tomatoes to aubergine and chicken escalopes. No frills here, just delicious sandwiches that you’ll never forget.
Atis has brought its New York-style plant-powered salad bars to London and I am here for it. Their Mexican Azteka salad with lime coriander dressing is one of my go-to summer dishes in the area, but you can’t go wrong with any of their green options.

Café Kitsuné At Pantechnicon

For the fluffiest Japanese-style Sando (Egg or Chicken Katsu) and matcha latte head to Café Kitsuné. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the station, but combine it with the shop and a visit to the cute Motcomb Street for a winning trip.

Chestnut Bakery

Hit up Chestnut Bakery for their scrumptious range of savoury and sweet pastries and clay-oven baked flatbreads with toppings. And if there’s one croissant to get here, it’s the Za’atar & Gruyere croissant, but they are all oh so satisfying!

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