by(e) CHLOE

Having taken New York by storm (with 9 locations so far) vegan celeb magnet extravaganza by CHLOE. has finally rocked up in London’s Covent Garden (with another coming to Tower Bridge soon).

As always I am desperate to walk in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Anna Kendrick so my (vegan) friend and (not so vegan) me ditched Veggie Pret and dashed to Covent Garden to see what the fuss was all about. by CHLOE. looks beautiful and sounds good, but when you break it down, it’s simply boringly bland – a bit like that dull pretty thing who has a lot of IG followers.

Speaking of, more people were IGing than eating … but I don’t blame them, orders are called out and everyone is too busy snapping and feeling to special to hear them, so the poor staff end up giving table service while shouting people’s names. If I hear Pandora shouted in my ear one more time, the menu is going to have some real blood and meat added to it.

The guac burger was a bit of a miss in terms of texture and I’d almost want to say it was a hate crime against Mexico, the fries were nice and the cakes not too bad. And in their defence my friend’s hotdog went down much smoother, but it didn’t blow his mind. To quote my friend: ” It’s 2018, we really should be doing better vegan by now.”

For me it’s bye CHLOE, but I applaude the attempt at trying to make vegan food more accessible.

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