ABBA: Super Troupers @ Southbank … ABBA-Go or ABBA-No?

ABBA are back! But sadly only in museum form, at the Southbank Centre – only moments away from ‘Waterloo’ Station!
So why not kickstart your 2018 with an immersive exhibition about the band, complete with narration by Jarvis Cocker?  An hour filled with the background stories that shaped the group with a close look at some of ABBA’s original costumes, music instruments and album artworks.
Tickets are randomly priced between £15 and £25 – and lucky for me mine was £25. Without spoiling too much, is the exhibition worth your hard earned ‘Money Money Money’?
Yes, ABBA-solutely worth it if you
  • can’t resist guided quirky and interactivish exhibitions
  • always have wanted to sing Dancing Queen at the infamous Polar studio (or a replica in this case)
  •  aren’t planning to visit the ABBA Museum in Stockholm
  • don’t mind have ABBA’s greatest hits stuck in your head for the rest of the day
No, don’t ‘take chance’ on it if 
  • you like to take your time to check every detail and not be rushed
  • you expect more background info than what you can find with a simple internet search
  • you don’t like small and possibly cramped spaces
  • the 1970’s make you scream ‘S.O.S.’

So was it worth the £25? As you know, value for money is the ‘Name of the Game’ for Tea so ‘When all is Said and Done’ it would have been great if it was £20 as it’s actually ridiculous when you consider the tour only takes an hour. Then again it is 2018 and ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ we paid a fiver for a bowl of cornflakes and tenner for a hip burger.
Are you in the mood for a dance?
Abba: Super Troupers is at the Southbank Centre, London SE1, until 29 April 2018

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