One More ’21 For 2021′ Update

December brings us another 21 for 2021 update! These are the goals I set myself in January to do through the year, and, I have to say, I’m quite proud of how many I got through…

Bake / Cook 10 Items From My List – And that’s all done! The last item being a pumpkin pie from scratch. After seeing all the pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving I decided it was finally time. I have to say I did surprisingly well on the crust, considering it was my first try. Next time, I need to add more spices.

Sell Some Clothes – It’s been 5 items so far, but that’s 5 items that now have a second life somewhere in the UK.

Do the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge – I completed one round in Spring and am doing another one this month. I have to say this round is much easier as the Charity shops are now open so I can donate a lot of items. Last time I mainly focused on items that I could recycle.

Digital Detox One Weekend A Month – all done for the year. You can read in this post what I learned about it and what it has brought me. For my 22 for 2022 I want to extend this and maybe even bring it to 2 weekends a month.

Do Four New Walks For My South East Project – Done, done, done and done! Just need to update the post I’ve written about it. It has been a hit and miss as not all places have a nice green space, but it was fun exploring the stops on the London Blackfriars – Sevenoaks line.

Watch a Movie Set In Every Country I Have Been In – I only added three more movies since my last update and am nowhere near the 37. I might extend this one to 2022 as I’ve been enjoying exploring the international film scene.

Get A Refurbished Phone – I planned on getting one once things opened up again. But on my side, things haven’t opened up as much and I can still make my current one work if I bring my external charger with me – which is the greenest solution so far. I’ve done all of the research, so once the time is right I can go for it.

I can’t be too strict on myself, so I’m going to say I didn’t do too badly this year. I might carry over a few goals that I haven’t been able to do because of the current situation and draw a line under the rest.

What goals, big or small, do you want to shout about that you achieved through 2021?

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