As the year draws to a close, it’s that time again to look forward to what lies ahead. So, once again, I’ve put together a list of my intentions for the year in part to inspire, motivate and push on to an incredible year for taking.

This 23 For 2023 features smaller one-off goals and some that run throughout the whole of the year.

Clear Head Clear Mind Goals For 2023

12 Digital Detox Weekends
I enjoyed the weekends that I put away my phone for 48 hours so much I want to make it an ongoing thing as it has really helped me clear my headspace over the last two years.

January Yoga With Adriene
Adriene’s Yoga challenge always gets me through dreary January and some of February as I like to stretch them out, so I have my yoga mat and outfit at the ready!

Declutter 2023 Things
After taking on several Minimalist Challenges, I am still not done. For the next few months, I want to donate, sell or use up 2023 items that are just lying around to help clear that backlog.

Two Low Spend Months
I did one ahead of my sabbatical to save some extra money and I think it’s something to continue with, maybe before my Japan trip and one later in the year.

Grow More Flowers
Last year it was all about as many veggies as I could fit into the garden, but this year I want to grow only my favourite veggies that work well in my space, as well as explore the flower side of things more. The wildflowers, sunflowers and marigold flowers brought me so much joy this year, that I really want to hold on to that in the coming year.

Reduce Food Waste At Home
It went so well while working from home. But now with being in the office and not properly planning, food waste can easily be overlooked. I’d like to bring back the balance.

Learn To Cook 5 Different Soups / Stews / Broths
Soup season is my favourite, but I tend to stick with the same ingredients. So I want to learn to make 5 new warm and hearty foods from around the world.

Watch All The Classic Movies
I’ve been making my way through Audrey Hepburn’s catalog, then I have all the Ingrid Bergman, Marylin Monroe and Sophia Loren movies to watch.

London & UK Bucketlist Items for 2023

Museum of Docklands
Adding this one to the top of my list as it’s one of the few London museums I haven’t been to yet. Looking forward to exploring that one.

British Library Exhibition
It has been a while since I went to an exhibition at the British Library, so the Fairy tales: Fantasy exhibition sounds really right up my alley.

Visit a Local Vineyard
I’ve walked past quite a few places on my walks, but never visited one of the locals. Let’s change that for 2023.

Stay At A New Type of Accommodation
I’ve enjoyed staying at the tiny houses and cabins, but I’d also like to stay in a big more spacious accommodation for a change.

Explore New London Walks
I don’t want to stick to a number as I’ve done most of them, but every once in a while I’ll find a new walk around London that I add to my list. Now I only need the public transport to be working!

Japan Bucketlist Items For 2023

Go To Ghibli Park
This tops my list. Fingers crossed that I will manage to get the tickets. Otherwise, I’ll just have an excuse to go back.

Visit An Onsen
Ever since my last visit in 2015 I’ve been dreaming of the onsen at the ryokan. For the upcoming trip I want to stay at another one. Maybe even to go to an actual onsen spa?

Stay In A Capsule Hostel
I’ve been researching these as I’m not too fond of small places and wasn’t sure I’ll be comfortable, but I’ve found a few that I may consider booking.

Go To Mori Art Museum
I love a good contemporary art museum and am curious about what is hot and happening on the other side of the world.

Day Trip To Mount Fuji
Last time I didn’t even see Mount Fuji, so maybe this time I can actually go to it.

Blog Goals For 2023

A New Logo
I didn’t get around making a new one last year, but this is a must for 2023!

New Blog Theme
It’s just time for a theme that allows me to actually do some things. I’ve been on the look-out for a blog theme, hoping to find one and install it.

Publish 52 Posts
Last year I set out to publish 40 and I almost made it to that. But with the list of topics I have, I can easily do another 52. Now I just need to push myself to do it.

Edit Old Posts
In the past I’ve focused on updating the posts, but mainly just for SEO purposes. So now I’m going to look back through my posts and update some of the info, such as removing places that have closed.

Make 24 Shorts
I’ve been enjoying creating these again as part of my 22 for 2022 and for this year I hope to continue. I’ve set out to create 24 reels, which should be realistic. Action!

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