Can you believe another New Year is almost upon us? Where does the time go, honestly? As much as I love the December-holiday bustle, I get a total thrill when January 1st rolls around. 

It’s like a fresh notebook filled with blank pages just waiting to be filled. The New Year vibes instantly give me motivation… even if that only translates to finally organising my messy closet!

So once again, I’ve put together a little wishlist for 2024— nothing too wild, don’t worry! Just 24 small adventures, projects and goals to sprinkle in some delight over the next 366 days. 

Will I check off every single one? With my track record, let’s be real…doubtful! Does it make me feel bad? Hell no, I’m not going to be mean to myself. But brainstorming the 24 for 2024 list always pumps me up.

24 For 2024

London & UK

Even after 10 years I still have enough things I want to do in London and the UK.

Pullman Train Trip
Every time I see the Pullman train at Victoria Station I dream of booking a ticket and 2024 should be the year. I just need to decide if I want to go for an Afternoon Tea or the Murder Mystery ride. 

Visit Westminster Abbey 
Westminster Abbey is one of the few London attractions I haven’t yet visited, let’s see if I make it there to soak up all the architecture grandeur and history in 2024.

Go Inside Tower Bridge
London’s iconic Tower Bridge is high on my list to visit in 2024. I’d love to walk along the upper walkways for panoramic city views and explore the Tower Bridge Exhibition inside the structure itself to immerse myself in its unique river-spanning history.

Do A Solo Trip Again
It’s been far too long since I’ve explored somewhere new completely solo, so I intend to plan an exciting solo adventure, wherever my independent spirit may lead me!

Go to the Barbie Exhibition
It may have departed the cinemas a while back, but I’m not done yet with Barbie and am so excited for the Barbie: The Exhibition that’s coming to the Design Museum next year

Mexico Trip

My Mexican trip is still in the early stages of planning, but there are a few spots that are already on my list 

Day Trip To Teotihuacán Pyramid
I want to take a day trip to view these impressive ancient pyramids outside Mexico City.

Eat All Of The Street Food Tacos 
I plan to sample all the mouthwatering tacos and local street food that I can get my hands on!

Go To the Frida Kahlo Museum
I only saw my first Kahlo earlier this year and can’t wait to see more of them up and close as well as her home, studio, and gardens.

Book And Beach Day
After an action-packed time exploring Mexico’s cities, I’ll relax with a good book under the palms on a peaceful Mexican beach. Bliss!


Just a few things that I want to (re)introduce to make my life better

Unplug In The Evenings
Unplug after 9 pm so I don’t end up endless scrolling before bedtime. I have bought a bedside lamp so I can read instead. 

Digital Declutter
After tidying and organising so many physical spaces and items in 2023, now is the time to clear the digital clutter from places like my overloaded email inboxes, external hard drives and my desktop. Out with the digital dust!

Low Buy Year
I have decluttered so many items and I don’t want to fill it with random things again. It’s also going to be an expensive travel year so I want to put some of that money towards travel.

Track My Budget Physically
As part of my low-buy efforts, I find tracking spending and income the old-fashioned way with pen and paper helps keep me mindful of my money coming and going each month.

Resurrect A Forgotten Hobby 
I want to pick up one of the covid hobbies during the winter months. When I was decluttering this year I found so many materials that can be used to entertain myself.

Grow Japanese Veggies
In the past I’ve tried to grow Mexican oregano and tomatillos, this year I want to give the Edamame, Mizuna and Komatsuna seeds I got in Japan a go. 

Clean-Out My Closet 
It’s been a while since I did a proper clothes declutter where I go through my clothes and get rid of things that I know aren’t for me anymore.


I want to keep myself entertained with simple pleasures through books, food, music, and photography.

Read 24 Books
It’s time to finally crack open at least 24 of those books gathering dust on my shelf.

Cook 6 New Dinners
I’ve created a perfect 10-day rotation menu that makes food waste minimal. I do miss spontaneous cooking and experimenting so I want to give myself 6 moments to go food shopping and make whatever I feel that day.

Go To 3 Gigs
I got tired of London gig vibes, but The National reminded me that gigs can be fun again and I hope to see at least 3 live shows. 

Keep Note Of Movies I Watched
I watch 2/3 movies a week and forget what I watched. I need to dust off my Letterboxd account and continue tracking so I can make proper lists.

Shoot More Analogue
Coming across my camera’s reminded me that I should take more polaroids with my cameras as well as take out my analogue once in a while. I’ve even loaded one of my camera’s with a roll, so roll on!


In the blogosphere there is always room for improvements

Publish 60 Posts
They can be updated old posts or translations to Dutch and don’t have to be new. I don’t want to complicate it too much.

Sort Out My Draft Post
I have so many draft posts that they’ve started to bother me. So as part of the digital declutter I should go through wordpress drafts and publish or delete posts where needed to free up space for new ideas.

Optimise My Images
I’ve been optimising posts over the past few years, but now is the time to get into optimising all of my images.

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