Top London Attractions I’ve Never Visited And Why

You guys! London is slowly re-opening bit by bit and I still haven’t decided what I want to do on my first day out. Do I want to return to a favourite place or go somewhere I haven’t been yet?

This planning led me to good old TripAdvisor, which then inspired me to write a post on some top recommended places in London that I haven’t visited yet and why.

Tower of London – Would you believe if I said that the Tower of London is my favourite London landmark to look at? It’s true, but despite that I’ve never been inside the grounds. I’m kind of afraid it will disappoint, so I want to plan my visit properly.

London Eye River Cruise – It’s probably a combination of price and a river cruise having a bit of a dusty image. Now I come to think of it, I have never seen London from the water. Should change that at some point.

Churchill War Rooms – Same as for many others: the price, combined with queueing and so many other alternatives. Eventually I will go to compare it to my own wartime bunker in Bosnia.

Westminster Abbey – I’ve always preferred St Paul’s and nothing and no one has ever tried to convince me to go inside. I’ve seen many other Abbeys and at some point I’m sure I’ll make my way there. Just not yet.

London Transport Museum –
Take public transport to pay money to go into even more trains and buses? I’ve actually wanted to visit and see how bus and train carriages looked throughout history, but I just haven’t been willing to pay for it. Yet.

Chelsea FC Tour –
I mean… they are not one of my favourite London clubs, so I’m not in a hurry. At all.

Buckingham Palace – For someone who used to visit a palace / castle a month it’s weird I haven’t been to the summer exhibition of Buckingham Palace. I just never got around to booking and going.

Royal Air Force Museum – I keep forgetting about the other IWM museums. Will I get to the Royal Airforce Museum? Who knows? Maybe when I run out of all of the museums to explore I can go to this one.

Arsenal Emirates Tour – Because I’m waiting for my Brother, so we can experience it together and bond in shared love of Arsenal.

Leake Street Arches – I think I wanted to walk here once, but from what I remember it didn’t look too welcoming, but now I see all the street-art I might have to give it another try.

HMS Belfast – Another attraction that’s way too expensive to commit to and for some reason I imagine it being a small and narrow place and I’m not a big fan of that. Also, the fact we are so spoiled with all the free museums means the threshold to pay for entrance is high.

Abbey Road Studios – Am I a music barbarian? NW8?! That’s too far … is what comes to mind every time I see Abbey Road Studio. In reality, it’s not that far, so maybe one day I will cross that zebra crossing. Keep an eye on my Instagram for the winning photo.

Cutty Sark – Many moons ago I wanted to visit and learn more about this tea clipper, but backed out when I saw how much it cost. To be fair it was when I didn’t have a fulltime job, so who knows in the future I might go and see what they have to say about the tea trade.

Harrods  – I’m not sure why this is listed on Tripadvisor and I don’t know what I would need to do there? I imagine I can only afford a keychain, but I guess I would have to go to test this, or maybe the food market will appeal.

Freemason’s Hall  – I’ve seen the Freemason’s Hall in so many movies that I feel like I HAVE been there. Despite working around the corner from it for about two years, I just never managed to go in and have a look.

Gods Own Junkyard  – This neon light art gallery is on top of my list, but it’s soooo far out to go for just one thing. For me it would take over an hour on two different trains and so far I could not have been bothered.

ArcelorMittal Orbit  – This 114.5 metre sculpture slash observation tower slash slide is something I’ve HAVE been wanting to go to, but so far I haven’t found anyone who is willing to pay the £15.

Kensington Palace – This is not something I’ve not gotten around to yet as there are so many other palaces, manors and castles that seemed more interesting to me. Maybe wait for an interesting exhibition so I can combine the two.

Apothecaries’ Hall – This is something I actually did not know existed, even though I’ve walked past it often. I’ll be making my way there at the next Open House as it has my name all over it.

All in all … I’m cheap or don’t think some organisations deserve my money and attention!

What has kept you from visiting certain attractions near you?

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