Favourite Mexican Restaurants in London

Homies on Donkeys

Whether you’re after a filling quesadilla, a vegan taco or a perfect cocktail … there’s a Mexican restaurant here for you.

updated September 2022

Best Mexican Food in South East London

La Chingada - Mexican Food in London

Favourite Taquería in London: La Chingada
If you’re looking for a truly authentic taquería experience in London, take the overground to Surrey Quays and head to the glorious La Chingada.

Favourite burrito: Pink Cactus
Whatever the crunchy thing is they add to their burritos just does it for me. And don’t forget their addictive sauces with the power to transform any boring dish into mexi-heaven.

Sonora - Mexican Food in London

Favourite Quesadilla: Sonora
Anything you put on the tortillas at Sonora Taqueria will be delicious, but their cheese quesadilla makes my taste buds sing.

Mexican Restaurant in Brixton

Favourite local Mexican: Jalisco
Jalisco in Brixton went through more name changes than Prince but they haven’t lost their magic touch or secret recipe. If you don’t want to wait for the queue on the weekend check out the stand and let the sombrero-wearing chef make your tastebuds smile. The title of ‘Best Quesadillas’ and ‘Best Frijoles’ also goes to them.

Sonora - Mexican Food in London

Favourite Veggie Option: Sonora 
Has to be Sonora Taqueria’s Nopales Taco. The cactus leaf has the perfect chewy texture topped off with refried beans, pico de gallo and queso.

Homies on Donkeys

Favourite Vegan Option: Homies on Donkeys
I came for the chicken in abodo, but the real winner was the Soy al Pastor. Infused with the delicious taste of Mexico with perfect texture to bite into.

Best Mexican Food in London

Favourite Mexican all-rounder: D/F Mexico
D/F Mexico as there is always one nearby when that craving hits you, and their sweet potato/feta taquito is everything!

Favourite grab and go Tex-Mex
It’s always a choice between Chipotle, Benito’s Hat, Tortilla and Chilangro, but I have to say Chilangro is the one for me.

Favourite Mexican Margarita: the Pink Chihuahua 
The Pink Chihuahua at El Camion has more cocktails than you can imagine, but the pomegranate margarita stole my heart.

Favourite Mexican misses – the Mexican couple at Maltby Street market brought a tear to my eye with their little tamales stand, but when I returned there was no trace of them. Bless you my taco angels wherever you are…

Favourite non-Mexican Mexican: Korrito
That has to be Korrito (Korean Burrito) at KERB in Southbank. Because why not mix those two worlds together?

Mexican Food in Soho London

Favourite Mexican IG place: La Bodega Negra
La Bodega Negra has brilliant neon signs to snap, and if you love your fish this is the dish, but altogether a little too fancy for me.

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