Concerts At Alexandra Palace: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting


The grand Alexandra Palace, also known as Ally Pally, is a large entertainment and sports venue atop a hill in Alexandra Park in North London. With a capacity of up to 10,400, it’s home to ice-hockey games, boxing matches but also attracts some of the world’s biggest bands.

Getting To The Venue

It can be a bit of a hassle to get up to the venue if you’re coming by public transport. There is a train station down the hill and a tube station about 10 minutes away. You’ll either have to squish yourself on the bus or brave the walk uphill.

How to get to the Alexandra Palace from Wood Green Tube station
Hop on bus W3 from outside the station or if it’s busy take the 23-minute walk. Do keep in mind that it’s at least 12 minutes up a steep hill.

How to get to the Alexandra Palace from Alexandra Palace Train Station
It’s a 12-minute steep uphill walk from the Station. Alternatively, you can hop on the W3 bus to Alexandra Palace.

Going to the venue by car?
There is a car park nearby the venue. For parking follow signs and directions from staff.

What time do gigs start and finish?

To plan the trek accordingly you’ll want to know the stage times. The venue’s website and social pages often give this info, as do the bands. A general rule of thumb for the main act is 21.00/21.30, but this is highly variable. And don’t forget to support the support acts! To ensure you catch your last train, gigs tend to finish by 23.00 latest.

Queueing, security & cloakrooms at Alexandra Palace

The main entrance for gigs is around the west side of the main Palace building, called the Palm Court Entrance. Next door to this entrance is the Phoenix Bar & Kitchen. When you’ve got through the queue and security, you’ll arrive at the Palm Court, the main ‘Lobby’ area, through which you can access the West Hall and Great Hall. The Great Hall is where most large events take place. The West Hall often has Festival Village, with bars and food spots to enjoy before the show. In line with many other venues, Alexandra Palace only permits one small bag per person which cannot be bigger than A4 size. Cloakroom services are available, with the entrance in Palm Court.

Where is the merch stand in the venue?

This can vary, but it’s usually in the Palm Court or adjoining areas like the West Hall, or even Great Hall, though sometimes it can be outside.

For disabled access …

The accessible entrance to the venue is to the west just west of the main Palm Court entrance. In the main venue space, the Great Hall, the accessible viewing platform is a raised platform just to the side of the main big stage, with wheelchair and seating spots. No-step access is available, and there are several accessible toilet facilities too.

Backstage/stage door entrance

Lucky enough to be on the guest list? The guestlist (and accessible) entrance can be found just west of the main Palm Court entrance.

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